Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas All!

I am in Fredneck, pretending to sleep in my parents' guest room. My parents converted my old bedroom into the laundry folding room ages ago, so now I hide out here in the ginormous guest room with way too many windows. Why am I only pretending to sleep? Because in the room next door (the room formerly known as the seminary classroom), my parents have given us the big Christmas present a few days early. A 62" rear-projection hi-def TV with surround sound. What? The McBrides are watching TV on a Sunday? Ha, don't be silly. No. My dad has discovered the TV with its massive speakers can blast Christmas music throughout the house, all the way from back in its furthest point in house location. So he has the satellite on one of those bizarre all-music "radio" stations (i will never quite understand tv's with radio stations), and has the TV set to "ear-splitting" volume. Right now the MoTab is belting "WALKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND" at a decibel liable to make me never want to hear Christmas music again. Granted, I could get up and go somewhere else in the house, far far away from Parson Brown and his snowman, but that would require far too much effort and energy.

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