Friday, December 22, 2006

I have cracked the Hollywood code

I have finally figured out what it takes to get big in Hollywood.
Aaron Sorkin
You want to have continuous, steady work in Hollywood?
Get a spot on an Aaron Sorkin show.
Why? Because the man uses the same actors over and over again.
Don't get me wrong, I like the guy. I like his shows. I even like the actors and actresses making a living on his shows. And they are some pretty lucky actors. Because I'm pretty sure that all you have to do is get one small part on one of his shows, and you are pretty much guaranteed another part on another one of his shows.
Case in point- Aaron Sorkin is credited with writing (or contributed writing to) "A Few Good Men," "Malice," An American President," "Sports Night," "The West Wing," and "Studio 60."
Joshua Malina has been in 4 of the 6. But I will bet you dollars to donuts that it's only a matter of time before we see him in a guest role, or late season permenant role, on Studio 60.

And then there is Teri Polo- she's played the love interests of a major character on both "Sports Night" and "West Wing." Who thinks we're going to see her show up as Bradley Whitford's character's love interest on "Studio 60" any day now?

And oh yeah, Bradley Whitford- the star of both "Studio 60" and "West Wing."

Felicity Huffman? Not just the star of "Sports Night." Oh no! She was in an episode of the "West Wing." And she was in the first episode of "Studio 60."

Timothy Busfield, king of the smallest but most memorable parts ever, has credits on ALL Sorkin projects.

(random sidenote, Bradley Whitford, Teri Polo, Joshua Malina, Felicity Huffman, and several other castmates (except busfield somehow) have also all played guest parts on the X-Files.

You know what I'm thinking right now? I spend WAY too much time on IMDB. I'm also thinking that there's a pretty good chance that I will be seeing these people again, since they keep all popping up in my favorite shows, over and over again.

My point? Like I said, if you want steady work in Hollywood on a show worth watching, get cast on a Sorkin show. If nothing else, I'll like it.

(PS- someone really ought to cast Sabrina Lloyd in something good again- are you reading this Sorkin? You need her on Studio 60!)

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