Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I hereby declare the big bad 80s hair blog war

I hereby declare the great 80s hair blog war. I tag Tara, Hardy, Jules, and Steph. I have a hunch they will have some great material! (And don't even think this is my only entry. Bring it on people! I want to see your 80's hair!)


  1. jules8:08 AM

    Jules has no scanner...and the brass cajonies to admit her hair is pretty much the same now as in 1986. She leaves it up to the others to decide if the same hairdo for more than one decade is a bad thing.

    *sits back to watch the games ensue and laugh her butt off*

  2. A little bird tells me that you once had Palooza Purple hair. Don't even try and deny it!

  3. jules9:56 AM

    Conceded. But that was color, not style, and can you really term a horrific accident a 'style?'

  4. sorry e, my external hard drive, where all my older photos are, is currently inaccessible, otherwise, i would show you how it was REALLY done!


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