Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Offensive Christmas Lights Alert!

I have seen the most offensive Christmas display ever! Those stupid white light reindeer things BOWING DOWN before a Christmas tree.
Someone go buy that family a Bible and explain to them that there were no reindeer present at the birth of the Baby Jesus!!


  1. jules9:24 PM

    There was big controversy in FL last year when some guy in Kissimmee hung one of those lighted reindeer upside down from a tree with a string of red lights dripping from it. Sick...

  2. See, now I think that is hilarious. I'd love to see it. But not at Christmas!!! (or in front of small children)

  3. jules8:24 AM

    Exactly...there's a time and place for that kind of humor. Not so much on Christmas.

  4. Not cool.

    But, funny story. My cousin had a gaggle of those lighted reindeer on their lawn in lieu of other Christmas decorations. One morning he went out in the dark to pick up the newspaper (down the driveway) and caught the critters in his periphreal (spelling?) vision.

    He thought, "That's not how I had them arranged." So he walked out to the sidewalk to see - and realized that some neighbor kids had rearranged them

    (you know how they're poised for take off? and as you said... could be arranged in a bowing position....) Use your imagination, they were in a 'dirty' position! Cuz found this hilarious... ran in for a camera to take a picture, and considered sending it out for a holiday card with the words... "Merry F---ing Christmas!"
    But he didn't.

    Ooh. Erin Annie, thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Nice of you to drop by.


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