Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Poem by the 5th Grade Me

We're cleaning out old boxes of pictures, mementoes, etc around here these days, and we've come across a folder full of essays and poems I wrote in the 5th grade. Some of these are just too funny to not share. So prepare for mockery people, cause here comes the good stuff!

Freedom (by the 5th grade me in 1984)
I am free
You are free
We're not controlled by comis

People speak their rights,
Others are banned for theirs,
That's what we are here for,
Others wish they were.

Freedom bells ring,
Some cannot hear,
Senate, Cabinet, President
Communists, and Gorbachav

We stand with civics,
Some in the cold,
We speak out,
for them it's jail,

America, England, Canada
Soviet, Germany Mongolia,
Free, Free, Free
They are comis.

Nothing for granted there.
Everything for granted here.

And Juli has weighed in with the first review of my poetry-
Jules: LMAO!! let's hear it for Soviet era poetry! You were an abnormally patriotic child.

I'm telling you people, when your very first memory is of being lifted up on top of an elephant at a John Warner for Senate rally, you just can't help it!

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  1. stacer12:27 PM

    OH! Did you totally miss my livejournal posting of juvenalia? If so, it's here. You'll have to scroll down past my fun with my new camera phone. ;) Oh, wait. No. That's on my norroway LJ. I'm so confused.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with Juli's sentiments. I bet you laughed as much as I did Saturday posting my own.


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