Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Rant Within

It is 1:32 a.m. and I am wide-freaking-awake. I've been attempting sleep for nearly 2 hours now, but have finally caved to my selfish desires and have turned on the lights and sat back up in bed. Why, you may ask, am I this awake at such a late hour? Two things. But two things that are very related to just one thing. The freaking singles conference. As I do in the nights before all major events, I become a complete insomniac and find all sorts of stupid ways of filling up my head.

1. I spent several hours tonight doing some last minute shopping for a dress to wear to the New Years Eve Eve Dance I am putting on. Do you have any idea how completely impossible it is to find a modest dress, that isn't a mother of the bride gown, for a reasonable price? After hours of searching every single store in a very well stocked mall, I finally gave up and started looking at less than modest dresses. After all, I have a sewing machine now (thank you Santa) and if needs be, I can take matters into my own hands, right? Wrong. Whatever. Hours of looking at sleeveless dresses just depressed me even more because it turns out that those stupid little bolero jacket things fit me about as well as all other regular suit jackets. Which is to say, not at all. So basically, I have a really boring dress to wear that really isn't fancy enough at all for the big event I have just spent 6 months planning. Yeah freaking me.

2. Now we've been planning this conference and dance since June. And by we, I mean me and Jeremy. No one else really got involved till August or September. And we started sending out massive email blasts in October for it. I have sent emails on a pretty regular basis to listserves far and wide. And I kept noticing that for some reason the listserve in Washington DC for a singles congregation there wasn't posting it. But I chose to just keep on sending them. Today I sent out the last and final announcement for the dance, and added a special note to the moderator of that list that this dance was taking place in Washington DC and was for people exactly the age of the people on their listserve. His response?
"Having consulted with the Bishop about the price of this activity, we have decided not to post this message. Please let me know if you haveany questions regarding this response."

Now, I won't argue with a bishop and/or his logic for long. And I know I am taking this personally because I have spent countless hours planning it. But this has got to be the stupidest thing I have seen in a very long time. Basically this means there are several hundred people in Washington DC who have no idea that there is a New Years Eve event being held in their city, specifically for them, because someone else determined it was too expensive for them to even know about. This does at least answer some of my questions about the serious lack of registrations coming from the central area.

And yes, there you have it people. I am wide awake and blogging at 1:47 am because I have nothing to wear, and I'm annoyed that someone felt it was their job to keep other people from knowing about a freaking church dance.

Now, I must go find my Tylenol PM. It's my only hope.

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