Friday, December 08, 2006

Retro Week Continues Here at Moments of Clarity and Chaos

I have had so much fun going through the old pictures this week. I found a few I had never seen before. These three pictures are all of the "Big 6." The six oldest granddaughters- Tamigene, Erin Ann, Karmalee, Colette Elisabeth, Natalie Ann, and Anne Marie (and yes, doublenames run in the family).
In this picture we have kindly allowed Seth to join us for a rare moment. Please note that is 6 little girls under the age of 3 (7 kids if you count Seth). We appear to be on the lawn of our grandparents' old Illinois house. See that hideous yellow car in the back? I have scarring childhood memories of my uncle putting me in the trunk!

I love that someone thought to pose us on the ugliest couch ever seen by man, and have us fold our arms, as if that made it a good picture. (Too bad they forgot to tell us to smile.) For those who think I never tan, check out the little brown legs!!! I'd love to see the six of us try and fit on the same couch together now!

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