Sunday, December 10, 2006

you've been properly warned

Due to some professional and personal endeavours, this blog will no longer be Google-able by the end of this week. The blog will still be here, but I need people Googling me to find other sites, and not this personal one. I'm giving a few of you time to see this entry and figure out how to bookmark me, rather than just Google it every few days. How do I know you Google it? I just know these things. Troger, Bev, and that Hater who thinks I don't know who he is, I'm talking to you.
How much longer till Googleable becomes a real word?

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  1. stacer11:41 AM

    I think that's very wise. I have two livejournals for that reason--the googleable one that I use for professional purposes, and the private one for friends (the norroway one you read). The norroway one isn't googleable--mainly so that prospective authors don't get my longwinded personal ramblings, but also so that work doesn't either!


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