Wednesday, January 31, 2007

100 Things About Me

Apparently it is my turn to do the "100 Things About Me" post that is circulating the blogosphere.

  1. I was born in Washington, DC. So technically a DC native, not a NoVA native.
  2. I have never lived in DC.
  3. I have lived in 5 states and 1 US territory.
  4. I had a fascination for baby octupi when we lived in American Samoa.
  5. I got 48 stitches in my right arm when I was 4 years old.
  6. When I was 16 a plastic surgeon opened up the 5 inch scar on my right arm and stitched it tighter so my scar would be less noticeable.
  7. Because of the scar on my right arm I was very shy about wearing short sleeves most of my childhood. (but Virginia heat and humidity usually convinced me to wear short sleeves)
  8. I have a birthmark that looks like Puerto Rico on my butt.
  9. Very few people have ever seen said birthmark.
  10. I started performing on stage when I was 4.
  11. I have been in more than 100 stage productions. Most of them with the same two performing groups.
  12. In spite of having performed so much I have never been a soloist or very confident singer.
  13. I am afraid of being upside down and/or falling. As a result I have never mastered back bends or handsprings. They freak me out.
  14. I also have an overwhelming fear of putting my head underwater, and therefore, avoid swimming and/or the deep end.
  15. I hate swimming and yet love the beach.
  16. I hate swimming and am also the world's worst swimmer. (My sister Natalie was on the swim team for years and teaches swimming lessons.)
  17. I took piano lessons for at least 5 years. I can still read music, but can barely manipulate the keys.
  18. I was taught in the "solfeg" style of music. I could always read music, but my music teacher preferred teaching us solfeg instead.
  19. I have had my yahoo email account for almost 8 years I think.
  20. I got my first email account (prodigy) while I was still in high school over 13 years ago.
  21. I was rejected from the BYU Communications program. I now work full-time in communications/marketing.
  22. I was rejected from the BYU Writing program. I am now a published author.
  23. I have started writing over 20 books on paper. Very few entertain me more than 10 pages.
  24. I can remember inventing my first real story in my head while sitting on a toilet when I was 8 years old.
  25. The characters in that story were also "seen" (by me only) in the funky wallpaper in that bathroom.
  26. I still remember the characters names.
  27. I had an invisible friend named Farfles for several years longer than my family realizes.
  28. I miss Farfles.
  29. I also had an invisible friend who lived behind the refrigerator named "Gobaboosh."
  30. My dad calls me Lucy.
  31. Anything that was ever "mine" as a child was named "lucybelle."
  32. My first car had "lucybel" license plates.
  33. I have met President Reagan. He patted my head.
  34. I have been in the "Offices of the Former President Bush" in Houston, and had a moon and candlelight dinner on his balcony.
  35. I have yelled "Clinton and Gore, Out in 4" while standing about a foot away from then First Lady Clinton.
  36. I was once forced to give up an elevator to allow First Lady Clinton and her SS agents to take it.
  37. I have interned on Capitol Hill 3 times.
  38. My earliest memory is of riding an elephant at a political rally. The candidate the rally was for is still my Congressman.
  39. I have traveled to 10 countries, and hope to see at least 3 more this year.
  40. More than once I have been detained at airports because my name shows up on the no-fly list. Apparently Sean McBride (IRA bad guy) has a daughter with my name.
  41. I have seen every episode of Friends, the West Wing, and a few other shows.
  42. I have been in 2 episodes of the West Wing as an extra.
  43. I worked full time on a Presidential campaign.
  44. I had never held a gun or seen one in person until I was in my mid-20's. (and now I see hundreds a day)
  45. I have a love for Monster Truck Jams and have been to more than a few shows.
  46. I followed "Gravedigger" and some other truck on the circuit for a while.
  47. My first celebrity crush was on Joey Joe McEntire.
  48. I love to knit, but can't crochet.
  49. I have an amazing ability to block out bad memories. It comes in handy for forgetting embarrassing moments.
  50. My favorite number is 17.
  51. Otherwise, I only like numbers in 4's (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.)
  52. This list is not as easy as it looks.
  53. I have an almost non-existent sense of smell.
  54. I haven't seen my nature hair color in 14 years.
  55. My two front teeth have bonding (similar to veneers) on them.
  56. I have been wearing glasses and/or contacts since I was 18.
  57. I managed a chocolate store for almost a year.
  58. I have an amazingly high tolerance level for chocolate and extremely picky taste for it.
  59. My favorite food is my own homemade chicken quesadilla. But that is subject to change at any given time.
  60. I can type over 100 wpm.
  61. I can type about 50 wpm on my blackberry.
  62. I have an obsession with the name "Piper."
  63. I also have a strong attachment to my blackberry.
  64. I came "this close" to becoming an officer in the Navy.
  65. I can recite all 50 states forwards and backwards in alphabetical order.
  66. I can recite most (but not all) of the signers of the Constitution in alphabetical order.
  67. My favorite movie (today) is "Miss Potter."
  68. I have a paralyzing fear of snakes.
  69. I am not afraid of heights, but I am very afraid of falling.
  70. I have come very close to skydiving. As in I went up in the plane, and came down in the plane.
  71. I have come very close to bungee jumping. I went up in the basket, and came back down in the basket. (It was in Romania where there are baskets involved.)
  72. No small child cries alone in my presence.
  73. I really really hate crying.
  74. I love chocolate, but don't really care for most other sweets.
  75. I have had 2 different aestheticians ask me to be their skin model for facial pictures.
  76. I have never touched a reptile (snake, lizard, etc) and never want to. To force me to would be a death sentence upon a very stupid person.
  77. I just purchased my first sweatshirt from my alma mater. And I am very excited about it.
  78. I could live off of Chicken Tikka Masala.
  79. If I must grow up, I want to be Veronica Mars when I get there.
  80. I really think I would rather elope than plan a party or wedding for myself.
  81. And if and when I do ever elope I would like to do it in Samoa.
  82. It darn near takes an act of God to get me to throw up. But I'll get a head cold just by thinking about rain.
  83. I have read all of the Harry Potter books at least 5 times each.
  84. I have read all of the Jane Austen books.
  85. I can't ice skate to save my life.
  86. I can roller skate like a disco mama.
  87. But I can't roller blade for the life of me.
  88. I have a bizarre habit of switching my consonants.
  89. I like inventing new words. My best creation is "maistly." It's a combination of mostly and mainly, and I think it could permanently replace both words.
  90. In spite of my truly nonchalant and carefree ways, I'm very routine based.
  91. I have had more than one guy start to propose marriage to me and then breakup mid-proposal. I think I am jinxed in this department.
  92. No matter how much sleep I get I find it really really difficult to wake up even 10 mins before 7 am.
  93. My favorite color is navy blue.
  94. I have a life long love of daisies and daffodils. (and roses make me sneeze)
  95. I ALWAYS sneeze 3x in a row.
  96. I get nosebleeds all the freaking time.
  97. I have had my nose cauterized three times, and yet still get nosebleeds.
  98. Until I made this list, I really loved making lists.
  99. I need a nap right now.
  100. As a result of last week's mole removal I look like a vampire bit my neck.

YEAH! I'm done!!!

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