Tuesday, January 09, 2007

4 days down, 5 left to go

I'm almost done with day 4 in Orlando. Our sales meeting ends in a few more hours (I'm enjoying a 2 hour break right now by blog reading, email reading, napping and watching "Wayne's World," and then back for more work). And then tomorrow morning we get to "sleep in" till a whole exciting 8 am and start switching into trade show mode. This has been a hard rough week, and we're not even half way there yet! The bright side is that if all goes according to plan tomorrow, I get to have about half of the day off. But only if it all goes according to plan. Wish me luck.
It is always interesting (until it gets annoying) to be around co-workers this long. Personalities that are fine M-F 8-5, start to get pretty annoying when its 24/7. I'm not speaking of any specific person right now (in case a co-worker reads this), but I would just like to say that 7 am is WAY too early for salesmen personalities. Perkiness is not acceptable prior to 9 am, and only then if I have had the appropriate number of Diet Dr. Peppers. On the flipside of that, it is also interesting to see certain people that believe themselves to be great leaders, and dedicated team members, really be the most detracting member of a meeting.
Strike that last. I'll get in trouble for saying it.

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