Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Thoughts to Start Off a Monday

1. I've been going to a physical therapist for about 6 weeks now to help me with my back/shoulder/neck pain problems. She's worked wonders. The pain I have been dealing with for nearly 6 years (and then got really bad about 2 months ago) is practically gone. And the fun side effect of all the isometric exercises and new movements? Yesterday on a whim I stood on the scale. I've lost between 10-12 lbs! So now I have a little motivation to try and diet to lose another 10.

2. It is my week to drive to early-morning seminary again. Some people think this would be a burden. Not me. I really enjoy getting to talk to the students (i'm refraining from calling them kids) in the morning. It gets me to work earlier and moving and productive earlier. I really can't complain.

3. This time next week I'll be in New Orleans!

4. I have some interesting professional challenges to face this week. I'm looking forward to tackling them.

5. Kickball tomorrow!
5.5 Ben's Chili Bowl tomorrow!

6. I got 14 pages written in my novel yesterday. Only about another 100 or so left to go...

7. 16 more days till I go to Utah!

8. I slept 10 full hours last night. (thank you "Simply Sleep" by Tylenol)

9. Juli comes home from Florida today and all will be right with the Universe again.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    E- Why do you always have so many health problems? Why? attention? lonely? I don't think it is your health, it is in YOUR HEAD! It is called, "Mental Health". YOU have so many issues, the best solution is to see a mental health counselor.

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    You play many characters!

  3. jules8:23 PM

    Oh good hell. Anonymous coward, there are just some people out there who have alot of problems. Mental, social, medical, financial, etc. Some people deal with cancer more than once. Some people have severe allergies. Quit projecting your own psychological problems on others and try being kind. It's amazing how much better 'nice' can feel.

    PS--I'm back!!! :o)

  4. stacer3:24 AM

    Yeesh. I'm glad LJ usually doesn't attract such anonymous creeps (knock on wood).

    Good job on the 14 pages! How many words? You might want to measure it in words rather than pages because it gives you a more realistic view of length, especially with the unconvential format. (Typefaces can change, etc.) Either way, more than I've written on my own book in forever. I keep saying I'll start as soon as work settles down a little, but it's just gearing up for another crazy busy year, so I've pretty much given up on it happening this year.

    Someday, I will tire of the rat race and decide it is worth my extra time to invest in my own writing.

    And ah! 16 more days?? I need to finish my talk! (speaking of writing...)


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