Saturday, January 06, 2007

Highway to Hell

Today as I was driving across the Charles Nice Bridge (connecting southern maryland to the eastern shores of virginia) there was some massive fog. The bridge itself is fairly steep to begin with and I hate driving over it. But today as I passed over the top and looked down below, I couldn't see where the bridge ended. It appeared to just disappear into the fog. It took some serious faith to just keep driving onward- down into the deep abyss! It's not the greatest photo, after all I was taking it while driving stick, talking on my cell phone, and going over a steep and narrow bridge in dense fog, all at the same time. But hopefully you can get the idea! What you can't tell in this photo very well is that I am pointed very directly downward in the car. It's about a 65 degree slope, which is scary for a bridge!

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  1. Taking pictures, driving a stick, and talking on the phone whilst driving on a bridge in the fog? That's either multi-tasking at it's finest or a sure sign of insanity...good thing I know you well enough to be sure you're not crazy!


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