Sunday, January 07, 2007

Life in the Sunshine State

I've been in Florida about 36 hours now, and I really can't remember why it is I ever left this state. I love Florida. It was 84F and sunny today. Granted, my hair is a bit frizzed, but who cares? I got to sit out by the pool and read a book and take a nap in the sun today. And yesterday I went by Universal's CityWalk for dinner and a movie. (3 things on my list done already!) I really do miss and love this place.

But the fun and games end at 6:40 tomorrow morning. Actually, 6 am if you make it from the time I have to wake up. But yes, our work day begins at 6:40 am Monday. Followed by endless hours of meetings and meetings and meetings. I think the worst words in the English language are "Power Point Presentation" and the meetings haven't even started yet!

This is just a sidenote, and probably a premature one. But I'm saying it now while I still have the energy to do so. I am sure the admin assistants who planned the bulk of this meeting did a good job. They are great women who do a good job. But there really is a difference in a meeting planned by meeting planners and a meeting planned by admins. We had "dress rehearsal" today, and it took all of my willpower to keep my mouth shut and not correct little things I could see. (At this point in the game my "help" would not be welcomed or accepted, but considered massively annoying, so I will keep my mouth shut.) I will never understand why my company won't designate just one person to be our company meeting planner, rather than farm the duties out amongst a dozen people. It drives me crazy.

End rant.

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