Monday, January 15, 2007

Made it!

I'm finally home and blogging from the comfort of the sunroom. I'm very happy to be home, even if it is just a brief respite. My day certainly didn't go as planned, but I'm happy with the turnout. I got on to my plane in Orlando, looked around and realized that there were no more seats, just as the great voice in the sky announced that they were looking for volunteers to get bumped. I'm not sure if I was voluntarily bumped or forced off, but either way, I've got a $200 flight voucher burning a hole in my pocket. Do I visit my sister? Do I save it for my trip to Romania this summer? Or do I use it for an upgrade on my flight to Italy? Decisions, decisions.
But either way, I'm home now. I have no clean clothes, no food in the house, and I'm exhuasted, but hey! I still get to go back to work tomorrow. I'm in town for a few weeks, and then off to New Orleans for a few days. Home, and then gone again for Presidents Day weekend. (where? I don't know. but i'm going!) And then off again on a few more business trips. (more news on the fun stuff involved there soon. i'd speculate now, but history has proven there's a lurker who reads this and then snitches at work.) Until then, there's a pillow in the other room with my name on it... literally.

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