Monday, January 01, 2007

Not so bad so far

All the signs of a good day-

My little brother, Scott the Mancub, explains to me the goodness of Sonic. And models his new fashion sense- blue wool blazer over a Banana Republic henley. Interesting choice.

Fredneck, while not the cure for boredom most days, is now the home of Virginia's newest Sonic!

So obviously we partook of the greasy goodness of chili cheese tots. (And burgers and chicken strips.)

And then Scott helped me move furniture and we went to the movies. He wasn't so amused.

We saw "We Are Marshall." Freaking stupid tearjerker movie that made me cry. I hate crying.

All in all, not a bad day.


  1. Jules6:52 PM

    Ooh, yeah. Their cherry limeades rock, and they make a mean shake. And how can you not love having your food run out to you by a server in roller skates?

  2. I am a fan of stealing a few sips of the limeade. But I can never drink a whole one myself. I just love them for their tots.

    I'm not usually a big fan of Fredneck. But with a Sonic there, and my parents new HD TV get up, and our horse, I just might have to visit the 08 zip code a little more often.

  3. I'm sorry. This is bound to make you uncomfortable but I have to say, your little brother is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Does this make him Keli's little brother as well? Oh mercy! (sorry Keli, that has to creep you out - I'm an old lady!!)

    Again, I apologize. I know how it feels, my friends all thought my brother was cute when we were in school... but that's because he resembled Steve Perry with his mullet haircut.
    (for the puppies out there... Steve Perry was the lead singer of Journey - who also enjoyed a brief solo career)

    Okay, I'm done now.


  4. Not Keli's brother...and he's 19. Keli's sister (and mine) is another Erin! ;o)

  5. I'm just sayin' he's a lovely boy.

    Sheesh, they weren't making boys that cute when I was 19!!!


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