Friday, January 26, 2007

Top Ten Things to Think About This Weekend

I've been back from the big business trip for over a week now and I'm still trying to get back into "home mode." Life hasn't settled back into routine yet, but at least it has slowed down a bit. It doesn't look I'll be fully adjusting back into home mode though, since I'm up and running off to New Orleans in another week. And then I'm going to Utah a few days after that. And then possibly NYC. So yeah... no home mode. But I did buy food just in case I do feel at home enough to eat there. But it's all frozen food just in case I never get around to feeling at home. As usual, when things get a bit busy and frantic, I start making lists so I can remember what it was I was walking through the house holding scissors in one hand and a cup in the other for.

Today I shall share with you the list in my head. What kind of list? The list that reminds me what I am thinking about.

1. Singles. Don't groan (I'm doing it for you). Singles and what I can do to help them attend activities, if they actually ever wanted to attend activities.
2. The Dating Embargo and what I learned from it. I'm trying not to think about other people that I think would greatly benefit from an Embargo and not thinking about themselves so much and learn to just accept other people as is.
3. My checkbook. I think about it a lot. It's faux leather and red. And pure evil.
4. What surprises I should take to my nephews when I go to visit in a few weeks. They have requested cars. We'll see about that.
5. Whether or not I should sell my car. It turns out that my car SUCKS on wintry mix roads.
6. I got a mole removed today purely for vanity purposes. (surprisingly NOT painful and a very fast procedure) I think I want to get more "work" done.
7. Veronica Mars rocks.
8. Do I like my new novel the way it is? Or should I change the format? It's currently written in a blog format, but I'm wondering if that will be a strike against it when I send it to publishers. And in a book that is all about harsh reality, is it okay for someone to have a happy ending? Or does that kill the harsh reality?
9. Knitting.
10. How many hours can one nap in a weekend before it's considered lazy and slothful? And do I care?


  1. stacer6:17 PM

    Re #8: Is this YA? Because there are a couple YA novels out there written at least partly in IM format, and a blog isn't that far from a diary format, which is a common literary trope. It's actually becoming more and more used in YA especially.

    You knit? Got any sites you'd recommend for stylish patterns? Aside from scarves and hats, the styles I find are often really not that stylish, and I don't want to wear anything like the shrugs from the Lion Brand site, for example.

  2. Knitting- I am not smart enough to follow a knitting pattern unfortunately. I'm primarily self-taught, so my skills are seriously limited. However, I highly recommend Sherpa for patterns and new techniques. (her blog occasionally showcases her new projects too)

    The book is more adult than YA. Serious chick lit. I'm trying to make it less chick and more lit though. Which is why I am worried that the non-traditional format will work against it. I can't imagine my dad reading a book about 5 women on a blog. I decided to give up on my worries and just let the story unfold though. It takes me so long to get "into the zone." But I'm doing it today! Yeah! I have a 30 page goal for today. Wish me luck!
    I should point out the book is sort of like Bridget Jones' Diary. Written in blog/diary format but then leads on into conversation, etc.


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