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Snow day!


one more thing

Last week I attempted to "mobile blog" several pictures from my camera phone. But for some reason about 6 of them never showed up. I'm noticing today that they are slowly popping up one by one. It should be interesting to see if they show up in order!

so far so good

So far I have 4 job interviews lined up next week. Three on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. And all of them pay at least $12K more than I was making at that other place. If you ever need a little boost to know that "yes, I was worth a lot more than I was getting," it really does feel good when you tell a recruiter how much you were making, and they bust out laughing. One job even pays $30K more than I was making- not a shabby payraise I tell you! My decision to leave that place feels better with every passing day. Oh, and speaking of which, they *only* withheld my wages for 2 weeks, and the check finally arrived today. (which, just for the record, was completely illegal. company contract or not, it violated a maryland state law and a federal labor law. the book isn't closed on that experience yet.) But not till after they accused me of stealing a printer (which they mysteriously found shortly thereafter). Seriously, I don't miss that place at all.

So 4 job in…

Do I have to get back on the airplane??

My Utah vacation has come to an end. And as my sister so eloquently put it, "Three days really flies by fast when all you do is sit around on the couch and feel sick." It's true. I didn't get to do half of what I had hoped while I was out here due to this lingering stomach bug. I have now officially shared it with 5 other people, possibly 6. And quite frankly, it's not getting any better. My mother is convinced it is salmonella, and I am convinced it is not. I think we can safely blame US Airways for leaving me in germ infested airports for hours on end for whatever bug I have. Which is also why I have no desire whatsoever to get back on a plane and travel again tomorrow. But seeing as I don't live here, and my nephews would like their couch back (the couch I have been sleeping on is their video game playing couch), I have to give up and go home. On the bright side, I did line up 2 job interviews back home while I was out here, and I completed my ma…



My nephews

I think they are pretty cute!

It is fun to be right

My vacation is finally starting to feel like a vacation and less like a punishment. The jet lag is over and the food poisoning is lessening. Hallelujah! I should be completely well and whole by the time I have to fly back home on Wednesday.
One of the more unique parts of this trip is getting to meet several new friends. As several readers of this blog know (because they are one of them), I have lots of "internet friends." I met Stacer at the writer's conference this week, and she was exactly what I thought she would be. Later that day I met ShaBang and others, and again, no surprises there. And last night I met Eric, and again, he was exactly what I expected.
It is always interesting to meet an "internet friend." Especially if it is someone like Stacer or Eric that I have been getting to know for so long. I think I've been reading Stacy's blog for almost 2 years, and I "met" Eric just about one year ago. You always have to wonder how…

It feels like a Beatles' song in here

After getting some much needed sleep and a big home-cooked dinner on Thursday night, and almost, but not fully recovering from the trip from hell, I headed off to the "Life, The Universe and Everything," literary conference at BYU yesterday. And as you can see from the picture below, I met blog friend Stacer there. Stacer is an editor at a Young Adult Sci Fi/Fantasy publishing house. I really enjoyed the conference and learned quite a bit. I am not a Sci Fi or Fantasy person, and therefore skipped the classes on the politics of "Dawn of the Dead" and "How to Create Your Own Alien Language," but really enjoyed the classes on getting published, grammer, and the writer's workshop. There was just one flaw in the day.
Food poisoning.
On top of already still feeling dehydrated from the flight out here, the big delicious home-cooked meal left me, my sister, and brother-in-law with food poisoning. Which is why today my sister and I have opted for a nice …


We met for the first time today!

Ugh, Ugh, and More Ugh

So as you may have noticed from my cell phone blogged pictures, the last 30 hours have pretty much sucked. It went something like this-

9 am- arrive National airport, stand in line for 3 hours to get rebooked because my 10 am flight was canceled

12 noon- get no promises whatsoever that I can be ticketed anywhere, but get put on standby for the 4:30 flight

4:30 flight becomes a 6 pm flight

6pm- I easily make the flight to Phoenix, where I am told I have no problems making my 10:50 pm connection to SLC

Our flight ran out of food and toilet paper less than 2 hours into the flight.

9 pm- Pilot announces that we are landing shortly... in freaking Albequerque!!! There are thunderstorms in Phoenix and we don't have enough fuel to wait it out, so we're going to ABQ.

10 pm- We leave ABQ

10:45 pm- Crew chief announces that we are landing and asks that anyone who (and i quote) "doesn't have a prayer of making a connection" please stay in their seats, and let those wh…

still in phoenix airport. mechanical problems. save me!






6 hours and counting

6 hrs and no end in sight

Bad start to trip


Mobile Blogger

In about 6 hours I begin the trek west. My email and internet time will be seriously limited. But alas, you have no reason to fear blog readers! My new razr phone supports mobile blogging. So you can join in the fun from my vacation with the occasional cell phone pic sent straight to blogger. I'm sure you are as excited as I am about this development.

As you can see, my darling little brother (the Mancub) is my first candid mobile blogger post. He says hello.

You have new Picture Mail!


Maybe it is only fun for me, but fun it is!

Last week in one of the events that lead up to me leaving the company was the comment "you are bad for this company's image in the industry." This was just about the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. Earlier that day I had been asked to be on an industry advisory board and got the company on the front page of a magazine. That spot won't be offered to the person that gets hired to take my spot.

I submitted a resume on Sunday to one of the companies on the board. They called me to set up a job interview with them.

Yes, I am just terrible for the company's image in this industry. I have a horrible reputation. People must really think I'm an awful person. That explains so much! Like jobs that pay $30K more than I was making. And people coming out of the woodwork (in the industry) to help me out. Really, I was just awful.

Situational Disobedience

Today we had Stake Conference, rather than regular church. We had several excellent talks, but one really jumped out at me. Sister Richards mentioned something she calls "situational disobedience." I've heard her use this phrase before, and as before, it really hit home with me. "Situational Disobedience" is when we choose the situations or circumstances in which we blatantly, or maybe just subconsiously, choose to ignore commandments of God. Some call this being "a la carte" religious. We pick and choose the parts of religion we want to obey or acknowledge. Or we say I will be good in all things, except for this one thing. What gives us the right to say we know better than God in this one situation or instance?

It has brought me to think more about something that has now happened twice in my life. If you know me, you know I never cuss. There are a few words in my vocabulary that I use to express feelings upon occasion, but as a general rule…

Happy Thoughts

I know it has only been 2 days since I resigned, but I'm feeling so much better now. I'm considerably happier knowing that I have options and freedom. And of course, I am very happy about going on vacation this week. My poor sister has had to put up with me calling to plan and re-plan my trip every day for a month now, and I still don't have it completely planned! But as of right now, the plan kind of looks like this-
Wednesday- get there, watch the nephews while their parents go on a Valentine's date. Hopefully hang out with girlfriends later.
Thursday- attend "Life, the Universe and Everything" literary conference. Meet internet friend Stacer! Stacy is speaking at the conference, and I will be learning from the master.
Friday- maybe attend the conference again, possibly have a job interview. We shall see. Friday night- go to the Tavernacle! (you know how i love my dueling piano bars!)
Saturday- skiing with my sister. Heaven help us all. Saturday n…

Unexpected Turn of Events

I felt a bit prophetic today. Earlier this week I expressed to my parents that things were getting so miserable for me at work, that I didn't expect to stay there much longer. I've been frustrated, angry and completely fed up with certain aspects of my job, and wasn't handling the stress of it very well. Things finally came to a head today, and well, I resigned. And although I gave 2 weeks notice, I was escorted out immediately. (Nothing quite like feeling like a criminal, all because you don't want to work there anymore.)
I'm not going to explain the situation or give the details. (That would only fuel a fire I'm eager to leave behind.) But it was very... relieving? to walk out of there today. A huge burden has been lifted, and the thing I have dreaded dealing with the most is finally over with.
But in the meantime, I have no phone numbers for anyone anymore! And whatever the phone number is you have for me, it's wrong. I won't be posting it …

Real New Orleans vs. CNN New Orleans

I learned something interesting today. CNN really likes to exaggerate a slightly interesting story. I'm guessing I heard 5-10 different people say, "This is the real New Orleans, not the CNN New Orleans," today.

I came down here seriously doubting the ability of New Orleans to have rebounded well enough to host a convention the size of the one I will be attending here. Having spent 24 hours here, I now have no doubts at all that this city is doing just fine.

Coming down the freeway from the airport, I saw a little bit of remaining damage in a few deserted buildings. But in the French Quarter I haven't seen anything wrong. In fact, I'd almost say some parts of the city are better than ever before. The theme of the day was, "When we got the chance to rebuild, we didn't just rebuild, we improved." (And quite a bit of that improvement was done with tax dollars/FEMA money.) I've been here once before, and enjoyed the city, but didn't fall in love…

It's all about the Big Easy, Baby

In a few minutes I will be off to New Orleans for a "hotel lottery." I've done this twice before, once in Miami, and once in Boston. The last time I was in New Orleans was just a few weeks before Hurricane Katrina. I remember clearly that my hotel in NO cost $249/night back then. This week I'm pay $70/night, including taxes. Life is definitely still not the same in the Big Easy. We will be the guests of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and be given a tour of all the hotels and special events spaces available to our group when we return there in the fall. I'm curious to see how "real" this tour will be. Will we see any of the damaged areas? Or will we be kept to the cleaned up and revitalized areas? I noticed our assigned hotel isn't on Bourbon St, but instead off of Tchoupitoulas, over in the Warehouse District. Makes me wonder if they have something to hide?
Granted, we all know the damage is there. But a city trying to bring in …

Bears 21- Colts 15

Your predictions welcome in the comments box.

Moments of Impatient Clarity and Chaos

Have you ever noticed when you want the phone to ring, you can hear it "phantom ringing" everywhere? The washing machine starts, and suddenly you hear you cell phone 200 ft away rinigng in your purse? You are outside by your car, but you can sense that the house phone in your bedroom is ringing? You go to the bathroom, wash your hands, and suddenly over the sound of the running water, you just *know* your cell is vibrating somewhere. I'm *hoping* for a few phone calls right now. And no matter what the other sound is in the house- the tv, the radio, the vaccuum, or no sound emitting device at all, I hear the phone ringing through it. And don't get me started on how if I'm in the car, every single song has a melody that vaguely resembles my ringtone. If the phone is more than an arm's length away from me, I think I can hear it somewhere. When I am actually holding it, I imagine it vibrating. Has it actually rung or vibrated once? No. But that's …

10 days and a wakeup

10 days and a wakeup till I get to see the buggers!

Shake My Fist and Count My Blessings

I don't know about you, but sometimes there are days when things just suck so much that I just want to shake my fist towards the sky and scream out, "why? what the hell did I do to deserve this?" I've done my fair share of fist shaking today. I'm still shaking a little bit, but slowly calming down. I'm trying to dry up my tears. And there is only one way I know how to do that. I count my blessings and the things that make me happy today.

1. Cali explaining to me her cat didn't miss her while she was on vacation because he was too busy with his girlfriend.

2. That I have friends I can see the world completely different from and yet it will in no way make us less friends.

3. I really do love my little car, even if it does suck on wet roads and has a busted up windshield.

4. Next week I will be in sunny 60 degree weather in New Orleans.

5. There are people in my life that are truly truly talented.

6. I had a new baby cousin born today! (10 lbs 10 oz, n…