Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do I have to get back on the airplane??

My Utah vacation has come to an end. And as my sister so eloquently put it, "Three days really flies by fast when all you do is sit around on the couch and feel sick." It's true. I didn't get to do half of what I had hoped while I was out here due to this lingering stomach bug. I have now officially shared it with 5 other people, possibly 6. And quite frankly, it's not getting any better. My mother is convinced it is salmonella, and I am convinced it is not. I think we can safely blame US Airways for leaving me in germ infested airports for hours on end for whatever bug I have. Which is also why I have no desire whatsoever to get back on a plane and travel again tomorrow. But seeing as I don't live here, and my nephews would like their couch back (the couch I have been sleeping on is their video game playing couch), I have to give up and go home. On the bright side, I did line up 2 job interviews back home while I was out here, and I completed my main goal of the trip- Porter (the 2 yr old nephew) will now let me hold him. Wish me luck that tomorrow's flying experience will go a little smoother than last week's!!

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  1. Are you going to be around tomorrow afternoon? I've got 5 pairs of pants that need to be hemmed, a bag that needs to be sewed up, and I'm thinking of cutting out a skirt tonight if I can get the material washed.


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