Sunday, February 18, 2007

It is fun to be right

My vacation is finally starting to feel like a vacation and less like a punishment. The jet lag is over and the food poisoning is lessening. Hallelujah! I should be completely well and whole by the time I have to fly back home on Wednesday.
One of the more unique parts of this trip is getting to meet several new friends. As several readers of this blog know (because they are one of them), I have lots of "internet friends." I met Stacer at the writer's conference this week, and she was exactly what I thought she would be. Later that day I met ShaBang and others, and again, no surprises there. And last night I met Eric, and again, he was exactly what I expected.
It is always interesting to meet an "internet friend." Especially if it is someone like Stacer or Eric that I have been getting to know for so long. I think I've been reading Stacy's blog for almost 2 years, and I "met" Eric just about one year ago. You always have to wonder how much of their personality you have invented in your head or added to your conversations. And then be willing to completely abandon all those thoughts the second you finally meet this person and start from scratch.
Getting to meet these friends has been the high point of this trip so far. (The flight out here obviously being the lowpoint.) And only finding pleasant surprises in them has been particularly enjoyable.

(Sidenote: I feel I should report on the Tavernacle, since I have spoken of my love of such places so many times before. Eric and I went to the Tavernacle last night. It's SLC's version of a dueling pianos bar. It's a fun place and we enjoyed it a lot. However, it must be said, that as fun as it is, it is no JellyRolls. It must also be said and mocked that for the last 3 weeks Eric really thought I didn't know how to spell or say "tabernacle" properly, and thought I wanted to go see the Mormon Tabernacle at Temple Square. I set him straight on that one finally.)

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