Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shake My Fist and Count My Blessings

I don't know about you, but sometimes there are days when things just suck so much that I just want to shake my fist towards the sky and scream out, "why? what the hell did I do to deserve this?" I've done my fair share of fist shaking today. I'm still shaking a little bit, but slowly calming down. I'm trying to dry up my tears. And there is only one way I know how to do that. I count my blessings and the things that make me happy today.

1. Cali explaining to me her cat didn't miss her while she was on vacation because he was too busy with his girlfriend.

2. That I have friends I can see the world completely different from and yet it will in no way make us less friends.

3. I really do love my little car, even if it does suck on wet roads and has a busted up windshield.

4. Next week I will be in sunny 60 degree weather in New Orleans.

5. There are people in my life that are truly truly talented.

6. I had a new baby cousin born today! (10 lbs 10 oz, natural home birth- GO TAMI!)

7. There is someone in my life that makes me laugh every time we talk.

8. In just two weeks I will be with my nephews in Utah.

9. In just two weeks I will be with a very funny friend in Utah.

10. Tonight is the Thursday Night Dinner Club (chicken tikka masala!).

11. We are planning an open mic night at my house in a few more weeks.

12. I know without question there is a God and He loves me and forgives the fist shaking.

13. I like my new roommate.

14. I have several friends have weddings over the next 3 months. And I am happy for all of them.

15. Making lists makes me happy.

16. My back hasn't hurt in a week.

17. My copy of Harry Potter is on pre-order at Barnes and Noble.

18. My brother joined the Utah Air National Guard today.

19. I really like watching the Super Bowl.

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