Friday, February 23, 2007

so far so good

So far I have 4 job interviews lined up next week. Three on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. And all of them pay at least $12K more than I was making at that other place. If you ever need a little boost to know that "yes, I was worth a lot more than I was getting," it really does feel good when you tell a recruiter how much you were making, and they bust out laughing. One job even pays $30K more than I was making- not a shabby payraise I tell you! My decision to leave that place feels better with every passing day. Oh, and speaking of which, they *only* withheld my wages for 2 weeks, and the check finally arrived today. (which, just for the record, was completely illegal. company contract or not, it violated a maryland state law and a federal labor law. the book isn't closed on that experience yet.) But not till after they accused me of stealing a printer (which they mysteriously found shortly thereafter). Seriously, I don't miss that place at all.

So 4 job interviews and 2 days of volunteering next week. Unemployment leaves no time at all for laziness I tell you! Where are my days filled with bonbons and napping? I think unemployment was supposed to be fun and easy?

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