Thursday, February 08, 2007

Unexpected Turn of Events

I felt a bit prophetic today. Earlier this week I expressed to my parents that things were getting so miserable for me at work, that I didn't expect to stay there much longer. I've been frustrated, angry and completely fed up with certain aspects of my job, and wasn't handling the stress of it very well. Things finally came to a head today, and well, I resigned. And although I gave 2 weeks notice, I was escorted out immediately. (Nothing quite like feeling like a criminal, all because you don't want to work there anymore.)
I'm not going to explain the situation or give the details. (That would only fuel a fire I'm eager to leave behind.) But it was very... relieving? to walk out of there today. A huge burden has been lifted, and the thing I have dreaded dealing with the most is finally over with.
But in the meantime, I have no phone numbers for anyone anymore! And whatever the phone number is you have for me, it's wrong. I won't be posting it on here, but if you want the house number to call me on, leave me a message, and I'll email it to you. Hopefully, I will have time to pick up a new cell phone before I go to Utah on Wednesday.
Am I crazy for going to Utah on vacation now that I'm unemployed? My mother thinks so. But I'll be taking the chance to look for jobs in Utah. I'm not limiting myself to jobs in DC. I've got a whole world of opportunities out there. I actually kinda like the idea of moving to New Orleans- I really liked it there. The job search has already begun for me. My misery lead me to start applying for jobs about 3 weeks ago. So wish me luck, and if you know of any marketing or trade show positions, that require a strong writing background, let me know!
In the meantime- seriously, people! I am very happy! This is a good thing for me!


  1. stacer1:03 AM

    Congratulations, in a way. It's always such a relief to leave a job you hate. I've had a few of those in my lifetime--one where I sat at the front desk, and a good half my time was spent staring at the front door wondering if I just walked right out, right at that moment, how good it would feel.

    You've already got the time in Utah planned, so I'd say make the most of it, and use the time to make connections. LTUE is free, so that's not going to be too hard on your budget--though of course now you might need to set aside time from the conference to job hunt.

    I know my company in Seattle is hiring, but it's mostly computer and game designer kinds of positions. I'll keep you posted if anything comes up--Hasbro is a great company to work for.

  2. miss hass2:16 PM

    Congratulations. As a person who worked at a soul-sucking job, I know how much of a relief it is to have that horrible quitting moment over with. I also know how terrifying it is to not know exactly what's out there. However, you (or the you I know from the internet...) are an incredibly talented person and a go-getter. So I imagine that you'll be unemployed for a very short time.

    In the meantime, enjoy the vacation to Utah. Girl, you deserve it! You're in my thoughts. I know you'll find something fantastic.

  3. Thanks guys! I've been hard at work applying for jobs all morning. I feel really good about some of the jobs. My dad is encouraging a career change, but I think I will stick with marketing for a while longer.


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