Saturday, March 31, 2007

More Clay Walker

When I say I was close to the stage, I mean I was REALLY close to the stage. I even sat on the stage for a few minutes during the band set up. I was watching them get the instruments out and caught this pic of Clay's guitar inside the case still. And then I noticed a TSA slip inside the case too (those pieces of paper that say that the TSA searched your bags at the airport), and I stole it. The guitarist, Landon, thought it was pretty funny that of all the things I wanted to "take" from Clay's guitar case, I took that. I thought it would be a funny thing to have him autograph. But then I forgot to even try. Oops.

There is something about a cowboy... Man, I love cowboys!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a tush to build a dream on

yeah baby

After weeks of not feeling like me, tonight I found myself again. I found me 10 feet away from Clay Walker's tush, flirting with his hottie guitarist, Landon Taylor. Its good to know I havent lost the real me. She's just been hibernating all winter.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Americans Idle Again

**Update** Wow, I called it right 2 weeks in a row. Chris Curly is gone. I was surprised Phil and Haley were in the bottom three with him though. I think Phil lacks a devoted fan base, in spite of his talent. I think he'll go home prematurely, or always reside in the bottom 3 as a result. **

Okay, it's that time of the week again.
Was it just me or did Gwen Stefani look beautiful? But also totally stiff and snobby on camera? Did you notice her massive shoes? I love her style.

LaKisha- 3 stars
For me it was her most entertaining performance, which isn't saying much. She reminds me of Nell Carter-- in a bad way. She needs to learn how to flirt with the camera and audience. She has amazing talent, but she just doesn't do it for me still.

Chris Curly- 1 star
It was interesting. But no groove. I couldn't dig it. So sad. I think this may be his demise.

Gina- 4 stars
I just loved it. I really think she has a chance at the finale. She rocks! My roommate and I did wonder though if our TV isn't doing the show justice. We could see that the band behind her was rocking out. And she looked like she was rocking out. And the judges and audience loved it too. But we weren't feeling the "rock out" in our sunroom. So I'm giving her some credit for thinking the sound was off on the telecast last night, but rocking in the theater.

Sanjaya- no stars
Um, yeah. NO! The hair? What the freak was up with that hair?? Ugh, please, get him off the show!!

Haley- 3 stars
She sang beautifully. But she did take a beautiful song and changed it to something pretty. She sang a previously beautiful song made into something pretty and sang it beautiful. Slightly odd. But dang, she's beautiful.

Phil- 3 stars
Was it just me or are his eyebrows totally overgroomed? But you know what? Even when he's singing flat, he's doing it with style!

Melinda- 2.9 stars
Okay, she sang a Donna Summers song and then wore her clothes too! Ugh! She's got a great voice but she sounds and looks like a 50 yr old lounge singer!

Blake the Beat Box- 4 stars
I got this odd 80's flashback from him tonight. I can't quite figure it out. Wham? Vanilla Ice? Simply Red? I'm not sure who it is yet. But who cares? He was dang sexy!

Jordin- 4.5 stars
So freaking hot!! Shake that booty!

Chris- no stars
ick. ick, ick, ick.

We'll see how I compare with America tomorrow night.

Why Job Hunting is like Dating

Job hunting is a lot like dating. You meet, you talk, you think there was good chemistry. He says he'll call. You believe him. A few days pass and you start making excuses for him. He's busy. Something came up. He's on a secret mission flying the Russians around the CONUS (yes, I really did get that from a guy once). He got called away on unexpected business. And then enough time passes that in spite of the fact that you are the perfect girl for the job, he just hasn't called. And you have no idea why.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Thoughts

My happy thoughts to start off the week (there was way too much negativity on my part this weekend).

1. HOUSE marathon.
2. Arrested Development marathon (have i ever mentioned how much i love maeby? and it is no surprise that she's also been in an episode of the other best show ever, veronica mars.)
3. Job interview on Monday.
4. If the out-of-town company makes me a job offer, I know what my answer will be.
5. I've made major progress on my novel. I just need to get it typed (it's handwritten right now). Does anyone know any good scanning software that will take handwriting and change it to typeset? Also, what about voice recognition/dictation software?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Careful what you Google

I've mentioned my love hate love affair with my statcounter before. I'll mention it again.
Tonight I checked it out of curiousity. And made a few unpleasant discoveries.
1. The guy I mentioned in the "bad guys finish first" post below, somehow, the very next day Googled me. And I can see that he sent a link to the blog (but at least not that post) to someone else. I truly hate that person. Actually, I probably truly hate both of them. You know whatever it was they said about me in that interaction wasn't a pleasant thing. They aren't mature enough for such things. Shallow people stay shallow. But that doesn't change the fact that it still hurts me to know that someone I have never hurt most likely did something unkind regarding me this week.

2. There's a small town in Texas where I can safely say I only know one person. And that person isn't someone I want to open up and share my life with. Someone in that small town Googled me this week as well. I can't say for certain that it was that person, but really, what are the odds?

3. My stat numbers were down big time on Friday. What?? Don't you people love me anymore? My usual daily numbers are up around 60-80 people a day. But on Friday only about 40 people checked in. I feel so unloved.

And something like a spectacle.

Maybe I don't want to blog anymore.

It runs in the family

It is no secret that I frequently find myself doing a lot of projects for the church. Particularly projects that sometimes I have no time for and yet do anyway.
Let me just say, it runs in the family.
Tonight my dad calls to say, first, thanks, for agreeing to spend next weekend with my sister and keep her company (translation: force her to go to school). And, "Oh, and by the way, the Primary president (translation for non-LDS: Sunday School president for little kids) called and needs a yard to host the Easter Egg Hunt. We told her we would be out of town, but that you would be there and can host it for them."
Glad I can help.

At what point do you know?

How do you know if you need more cold medicine or if you are just addicted to cold medicine? Real sinus headache? Or withdrawal pains?
Whichever it is, thank heavens for Tylenol Cold and Sinus and for not sneezing (violently) in nearly 6 hours.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Update

Time for the weekly job update.
I've had 2.5 interviews (human resources phone call plus 2 in person interviews) with a big company locally. I'm well qualified for the position (with the crazy exception of that photography in Afghanistant question). And now I'm just in limbo with them. They have other people to interview and I am just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. The good news is that they send out an automated email every week letting me know I'm either not being picked for a position I've applied for, or that I'm still under consideration. I got the email a few hours ago, and I'm still a contender.
I had another big interview this week with an out-of-town company. It would require a major move and they said they would make it worth my while, if we get to that point. The interviewer said that he would call me back in 1-2 days to set up the next phone interview with someone else, and if that goes well they'd fly me out to meet them. It has officially been 2 days and no phone call. But I also made him promise me he would call or email me with a rejection. So hopefully he was just busy and hasn't had time for set it up yet. That job would pay nearly double my salary, plus relocation and temp housing. And quite frankly, I couldn't be better qualified for it if they had custom tailored the job to my skills. I have the industry experience and professional experience they want. Going to work for them would be a big scary personal move, but professionally it would be a major step up. At first I wasn't completely sure I wanted to do it. But now after a few days and the chance to look up housing there, I'm coming around on it. And just like in other certain aspects of my life, now that I have decided this is what I want, the phone isn't ringing. Funny how job hunting is so much like dating!
Those are the only 2 major irons in the fire. I have another interview with another recruiter on Monday, which usually means another interview within a few days of that. So there goes any chance of getting a temp agency job next week. Every day I think that I will get a temp job so I don't go totally broke. But then every day there's another interview or some major project to do for someone. Sooner or later... yeah, right. How about just a good old fashioned job offer instead?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Day/Week/Month in the Life...

It isn't much of a secret that I like to plan things out, flesh ideas out and have a pretty good idea of what is happening next - regardless of scenario. Particularly when it comes to my life and my personal plans I like to have a good idea of what is going to happen next. Which may or may not contradict my rather free spirit style of living, but it all works well for me.
So needless to say this whole hanging in limbo thing is killing me. Every week I sit down and apply for more jobs. I'd say on average I send out close to ten resumes a week. And I'd say I hear back from maybe 3 of those ten each week. Some jobs can be ruled out in just a matter of seconds upon hearing the salary, others get ruled out after learning about the benefits (one company offered 5 days of paid vacation and only 3 days of sick leave. i think not!), others I've just been way too overqualified for, although they paid more than I was making. And then I've met with some recruiters who sent me on some interviews that really made me question the recruiter's integrity!
So right now I'm just going crazy. I don't have enough projects to do to keep me entertained each day. It seems like every 3-4 days I'm contemplating some entirely new scenario for what my life might be like. I've looked up housing in different cities. Weighed my options with big moves. Contemplated the pros and cons of staying in the firearms industry versus starting in a new one. Not knowing what to expect in the future is killing me. Not getting to plan a summer vacation, or even know if I can go to a wedding in a few weeks, is pretty much torture.
Who are we kidding? I'm miserable. All of this limbo stuff is just awful. All of this time to just sit around and think and rethink and analyze and reanalyze is making me crazy. (as mentioned in a previous post) I have way too much time to obsess over stupid things right now. I spent an hour on hold with the DMV-- just because. Much to my surprise, my temper is at an all time high as well. It's a sign to me that I'm more stressed out than even I knew. I can't take this much more. I need a plan or something to hold on to!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American's Idle

***edit update*** I totally called it. Maybe I had LaKisha ranked lowest, but that's just my personal preference. My other 2 lowest ranked were Chris R and Stephanie, and America agreed! Bye Stephanie! I shall not miss your warbled tunes.***

Time for more American Idle
All opinions herein are solely mine. Don't even try and claim them as your own.

Haley- The girl rocked!!! Dang!! She seriously kicked butt!! (And now I can't get "Tell him that you're always gonna need him" our of my head!) And hello, she looked so hot!
4 stars!

Chris R- He should sing lullabyes because he puts me to sleep. But on the Paula Brightside of things, he was finally in tune. Did anyone else notice the size of his gigantic feet?
2 stars

Stephanie- "You don't have to say you love me," and don't worry, I won't. Does she have to sing like some mixed breed of Toni Braxton and Beyonce every time? I used to love that song (You don't have to say you love me), but now it may be ruined for me for life. And (sorry if this offends), who knew black girls didn't have perfect pitch?
2 stars

Blake the Human Beat Box- I shall borrow a phrase or two from Randy Jackson. "Brilliant." I was worried when I heard him say he was going take "Time of the Season" contemporary, but I guarantee you he rocked that so well that we're going to hear that one on the Idol CD later this year. He kicked butt.
4 stars

LaKisha- She sounded like LaKisha. And was it me or did it sound a little disco? I didn't agree with Simon. I think she looked better than usual. And does anyone know if that was a Bond movie song? (Diamonds are forever?) Didn't do it for me. She may be the one who goes this week.
1 star

Phil- you know what? He's just fun. He wasn't perfect, but he was just fun. And he (unlike LaKisha) knows how to perform and entertain.
3 stars

Jordin- She was good and sounded pretty. But she wasn't crazy good. She may be the one who goes too. But really, for her age, she's just amazing.
3 stars

Sanjaya- It pains me to say this. It really really does. But dang it. He rocked tonight! I didn't hate him and he did make that poor little girl cry (so funny!) And I hate that I have to say that he was dang good tonight. Dang it.
3.5 stars

Gina- I didn't like her new hair. But I did like "Paint it Black!" She rocks and she can perform! I love her!
4 stars

Curly Chris- he was good, but he wasn't riveting. In fact, I did listen to him, but I was so bored I forgot to look up from the laptop to pay attention.
2.9 stars

Melinda- she sounded like Melinda. Big voice, good pitch. Was it just me or did she look and sound like a very talented 40 yr old woman?
3.5 stars

And there you have it folks, my version of American Idle.

I could have saved this picture for "Wordless Wednesday" tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'll have computer access to do it then. So it's up today to mark the anniversary of a very sad day in my life. I lost someone very special to me several years ago. That someone took this picture of me. It was one of those rare moments where there was nothing but complete joy, freedom and happiness surrounding me. I was twirling about in the Romanian Alps while my friends nearby sang "The Hills Are Alive." Just seconds after this picture was taken my foot hit one of the white rocks on the ground below me, I tripped fell, and rolled hot dog style a considerable distance down the side of that mountain and right into a pile of mountain goat poop. One of my friends yelled out, "as you wish!" as I rolled. It was truly one of the funniest and happiest moments of my life. And I am so glad I have it to think of today as I think about the friend missing from my life.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Theoretically speaking...

Let's say you read the following instructions on a document.

If your vested Plan account balance is $5,000 or less, your benefits automatically will be paid to you as soon as possible after your termination of employment. This distribution will be paid to you in a lump sum, or if you choose, will be paid as a direct roll over.

or maybe the following instructions on a related document--
You must complete this entire form to receive a distribution from XYZ after you terminate employment. You should read the “Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments” BEFORE you complete the form. NOTE: If you do not complete and return this form within 30 days AND your vested balance is $5,000 or less a lump sum payment will be made to you less 20% for tax withholding.

And let's say the documents arrived just a few mere days before the 30 days were up. Would you-

A) fill out all the forms and send it in, getting them in after the 30 days were up?
B) not see the point in filling out 11 pages of paperwork when the 30 days were nearly up?
C) expected to see this email 45 days after you terminated employment, having chosen option B, asked about the situation very politely-
No distribution occurs without the completed paperwork. There is no 30-day deadline. The 401(k) is paid the quarter following receipt of the completed paperwork.

So I guess that means "as soon as possible" is the same as "the quarter following," (anyone know if that means just after the end of the first quarter this month? or does that mean sometime after the second quarter in July?) And that part about returning forms within 30 days was just to see if we could count that high?

Seriously, people, there's a reason I left that job.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Why do bad guys finish first?

Today I got an update on a guy from my past. A guy that broke my heart and seriously hurt me. The update was that he's in a happy new relationship and doing well in his new life. You know, the life he screwed me over on his way to getting. (hopefully that makes sense) And I have to admit, learning how well he's doing pretty much ruined my day. I'm over him and not bitter, although this post may not appear to prove that point at first. He hurt me pretty good and we both moved on. In some strange way I'm actually happy for him. I know he's been wanting a real relationship for a long time, so I'm glad he's found it.
The part that ruined my day was the part where the bad guy found happiness. Why not me? Why does this jerk who has broken so many hearts and screwed over so many people keep finding more hearts to break? How can he find so many hearts? And yet I can't find anyone? I can't remember the last time I met someone new. I got an email from an old friend this week. We're terrible about keeping in touch. When I first read her letter I had to laugh. Even though it has been months since I have heard from her the men she asked about in my life are still the same men. And then I wanted to cry. How is it possible that I haven't met a new man in that long? My life has involved the same 2-3 guys for nearly a year now. That's just pathetic.
I have never hurt a man. Let me rephrase that. I have never intentionally hurt anyone in my life. I have never intentionally lead a man on. I have never intentionally broken someone's heart, or otherwise "been a jerk." And yet, I've dated a few jerks in my time, and those guys seem to date so much. I don't get it. How can some people (truly underserving people) do so much dating, while the rest of us do so little? Why do the bad guys seem to finish so much further ahead?
And where the hell did all the good guys go? And where do I meet them? Cause I really can't take another guy who tells me I'm great and I'm his best friend and then disappears on me. And I really can't take another jerk. I just want to meet a nice, normal, no head games man. Why is that so hard to find?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

If there really are men in trees there, I am so doing this!

A small town in Alaska is giving away free land in an effort to boost the local population. The only catch? It's a small town in nowhere Alaska.

"Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the Lower 48, crime, poor schools, and the high cost of living?" the Web site asks. "Make your new home in the Last Frontier!"
The 1.3-acre lots will be awarded to the first people who apply for them and submit $500 refundable deposits beginning at 9 a.m. Monday. Each winning applicant must build a house measuring at least 1,000 square feet within two years. Power and phone hookups are now available.
City Clerk Nancy Hollis said people who apply in person or have someone stand in for them will have the best shot, since the post office doesn't open until noon and deliveries are even later from the regional hub of Fairbanks, 75 miles away.

If I had $500 to invest in such a thing this week I would totally do it. They've got men in trees in these little towns, I'm all for it! After all, it is my life dream to be a writer and live in the country. Why not do it in Alaska?

I *heart* Robitussin

My love for cold medicine, in descending order:
Robitussin nighttime for coughs, congestion and more
Alka-Seltzer citrus daytime for congestion, headache, sore throats and aches and pains
Tylenol Cold and Allergy Extra Strength (warning: this will knock you out fast)
Benadryl Cold and Allergy Extra Strength (warning: only take this if you plan on sleeping for 10 hours or more)
Nyquil- only to be taken when you can't find the other drugs above

Currently taking- Robitussin nighttime in spite of the fact that it is noon. My throat can't take much more. Must surrender to the happy side effects!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Proof that TV Network Execs are Complete Idiots

The only proof I need that the people who run TV networks are complete idiots is right here. They are actually considering canceling "Veronica Mars," the best show on the CW network by far! I know several of you are also Veronica fans and would hate to see the end of Veronica and Logan. If you click on the blog title above you can leave the network a comment.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Erin's American Idle

This season of American Idol is promising to be the worst one yet. Considering my usual love for the show, I've decided to blog on it weekly. You don't like it? Don't read it.

So right now we are down to the top 11. I don't think Brandon deserved to be the first one booted off. That honor should have gone to Sanjaya. Because honestly, Sanjaya is the worst thing ever on that show. If he lasts much longer on the show I think we will see him progress fully from a slightly metrosexual male to a full blown homely woman. But then again, he may make a better woman than a man. He sounds like a girl, he looks like a girl, and then he freaking added those earrings, and I swear to you, he's just a few estrogen shots away from breasts.

The other people boring our ears this season are (with my personal rating system, out of 5 stars):
Gina- 3 stars
Haley- 2 stars
Blake- 2 stars
Jordin- 2.5 stars (the .5 is earned for being so young and being as good as the others)
Lakisha- 3 stars (yes, she's good, but she bores me. would you really pay money to hear her sing? no. you'd only stop in the hotel lounge bar if the mics were up loud enough.)
chris curly- 3 stars
chris virginia- 1.5 stars
melinda- 2.9 stars (same story as lakisha. she's good, but boring. and i doubt she'll be able to do any other genres.)
stephanie- 2.9 stars (see melinda)
phil- 3.1 stars --

phil and gina are the only people that right now i can see emerging as superstars and great performers. chris curly has potential in a band (ala daughtry), but i think his lack of versatility will get him axed too early on to be a winner. and don't get me wrong, but the 3 african american girls are all good, but i truly hope they don't win. think the fantasia season. i can't stand the thought of a full season of the 3 of them having a belt fest. chris curly, gina and phil will be what makes this show entertaining.

and please america, for the love of all that is good and holy, KILL OFF SANJAYA!!!

Adventurous Girl Seeks Job With Exciting Travel and New Challenges

There's nothing quite like interviewing for a job when you have a hoarse voice, sore throat and massive head cold. But in spite of my fever and cold sweats during today's big interview, I think it went well. Well, it was going well right up until the craziest question ever asked in an interview. We had covered all the usual stuff, "What's your best strength?" "What's your biggest weakness?" blah blah blah. And then the curve ball. "How are your photography skills? And could you handle taking pictures in Afghanistan?" Um... And no, it wasn't rhetorical.
If I get the job (which really hangs on my answer to that question I think), I'll explain that one later.
There's still several more irons in the fire. Haven't decided which one I want to pull out and brand myself with yet. Mostly just hoping that the book royalty check and my other big check shows up soon. Once they arrive I can buy my new laptop and finish writing my novel. I have a theory that I won't really be happy at this whole job hunt thing until I have finished it. Not sure why. It's just a thing in my head.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

With a huff and a puff, I'll blow your house down!

Somehow I had this crazy idea that not having a job meant I would have all this free time to do lots of projects. One of the first things I did after finding my jobless freedom was go out and buy knitting and sewing projects. But alas, I haven't even come close to finishing them. I haven't even started one of them! No! I've been too freaking busy! Volunteering, helping with house projects, interviewing all over creation, babysitting, visiting old friends, etc. In the last 4 weeks (or has it been 5? i forget.) of freedom I have only had 1 truly down day (see last week's eyeball picture blog). Today came close to being a down day, but no. Instead it's a sick day. Sore throat, congestion, coughing and sneezing. I'm pretty miserable. And for all of you who think they have witnessed my sneezing, you ain't seen nothing yet. Yesterday, while hanging out with little cousin Zachary for the day, I gave one of my best sneezing performances yet. It was about 8 massive sneezes in a row (IT HURTS!). Z looks very wide-eyed at me, pauses for a second, and says, "It's a good thing you're not a big fat man. If you were, you would have blown the house down!"

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My New Moral Dilemma

For several years now I have been giving thought to becoming a foster parent to a teenage girl. Let me re-emphasize that TO A TEENAGE GIRL. I'm not looking to raise a young child up, or become a single mother. I've always felt selfish and irresponsible spending all my money on myself and all my time on myself. It just isn't me. I want to be able to provide a good home to someone who deserves it. There are so many teenagers in group homes, or even in juvenile detention centers, because there aren't enough foster homes to take them in. I would really like to be a mentor or "big sister" or even just a very helpful friend, and open my home to a teenage girl so that she can become stable and be prepared for the real world.
There are several steps I have to take before I get to the point where I can take in a girl. For instance, I can't have roommates, and need to have a 2 bedroom place obviously. I also can't have a job that requires me to travel. These are the last 2 steps on my way to becoming a foster parent. So here I am at a crossroads. I am job hunting and have the power to get a job that wouldn't require travel.
I have 2 (maybe 3) lines of work I can go into. The first is serious trade show planning. This tends to pay considerably better, but obviously requires major travel. The second is marketing, which means no travel, but less money because I have fewer years of experience in it. (The third would be meeting planning, but I haven't found a job in that area that I like enough to apply to yet.) So I have this dilemma. The job that pays well enough for me to afford to be a foster parent is the job that keeps me away too much to be able to do it. Or take the less paying job and become a parent. But with less money I wouldn't get to be the type of foster parent I want to be. I'm torn between wanting more money and doing what I feel is right.
I could use some input on this one. And this is one I think is especially hard for singles. Marrieds tend to make decisions based on the well-being of the family. But singles have only themselves to look out for. Which is more important? Making more money or doing something good?
If you feel you must comment on whether or not it is appropriate for a single girl to be a foster parent, then go ahead and make it if you must. However, don't expect your comments to phase me. I am not looking to be a single mother. I do believe all children deserve 2 parents in a stable home. However, I do think it is a crime that a child should be forced to live in a detention center when they have never done anything wrong, when there are thousands of selfish people in this world buying $300 sunglasses and Prada handbags and spending all their time and money on themselves while sporting "Save the World" bumper stickers. How about you forego just one purse and pair of sunglasses a year and instead help out a child that truly deserves it? A child that lives in your own town?

All Hail the Beautiful Saturday!

Today was just beautiful and it was beautifully spent! First I saved $47 on groceries using the magic of double coupons. Next I got to spend time with my cousin Tami, Tami's husband John (and devoted blog reader), their kids Zachary, Joey and Emma, and my cousin Colette, plus what may have been 30 of Zachary's closest pre-school friends. However, it is possible there was only 10 kids and it just felt like legions of them. I learned more about dinosaurs in just twenty minutes with Z in the backyard than I ever knew before. Truly amazing! I'm still also amazed that there were that many kids there and not one girl was named Caitlyn or some silly derivative of it. In spite of the lack of Caitlyns we had a lot of fun and Z cleaned up on the birthday loot. (and I got to hold 5 week old Emma and 18 mos old J and really, what is better than baby holding love?)
Next week holds at least 2 follow up job interviews. I'm pretty excited about one of the jobs and I'm hoping the follow up interview will get me excited about the second one. The week also holds the chance to go see my oldest (read: we've known each other since birth) friend and catch up with her. I'm pretty excited for my week!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Check Me Out- Overheard in the Office

Check it out! I submitted something to back in October, and it got published today!
We were in Boston attending the IACP show and I was out at dinner with co-workers. I am "Bottle Fed" on the site.

Never makes much sense, does it?

There's a lot of things going on in my life right now that I am not blogging about. They are very personal things that are causing a lot of emotional and stressful responses in me and those closest to me right now. I have to admit, while on one hand it is nice to not have a job while all of these things are happening so I can be of service and really allow a full reaction in myself, I also wish I was working so I wouldn't have so much time to think about some very sad things. Finding the balance between having the time to think about "things," and thinking too much is proving to be more stressful than I could have imagined.
On top of the personal issues going on there is the never-ending cycle of job interviews. I am told I interview well, and so far the interviews are going well. This week I interviewed at two new companies. The jobs are nearly identical. The salaries, however, are not. In fact, one pays a little less than I used to be making and has horrible benefits, and the other pays double what I was making and has stock options. And both jobs are nearly identical to what it is I used to do. It's disconcerting to have such a vast difference in compensation. It really makes you question whether or not you are qualified, or what they are hiding in the job description. I'm very tired of the whole game.
Between the stress of the interviews and the personal issues going on I'm ready for a vacation. And what I wouldn't give for some sun and a good nap right now!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And the beat goes on

I know I already posted a "Wordless Wednesday" picture for today, but since my computer time is limited at best these days, I figure I should fire off another post while I have the chance.
There's a dozen things going on at once and nothing happening at the same time these days. Still interviewing at places. Still not quite sure about what I want or where I want to do it. But I'm feeling comfortable and not too nervous about the future at this point. Financially I'm safe for at least another month (if I can stop shopping so much).
All my free time is working to the advantage of others. I find myself spending my days doing favors for other people. And I have to admit, I wish my life could always be like this. It's fun to just spend each day going to help your friends and family. This week I have helped my mom with some house stuff, worked with my sister on an English project, and later in the week I'll be helping an uncle with some legal stuff, and "helping" my little cousin at his birthday party.
In fun news, I was asked to be the Ward Girls Camp Director this year. I'm excited for it. In the past I have always been a last minute leader for the age groups at camp. I'm looking forward to having a closer relationship with the girls in my own ward this year and getting to plan things out so far in advance. However shall I corrupt their young minds this year??
The only frustration I really have with unemployment is not having decent access to a computer. My mind is finally clear of stress and craziness that I can be creative and do some writing. I'd love to be finishing up the novel I've been working on all year. But without convenient access to a computer I am stuck hand-writing it. And let's just say that sucks royally. I'm expecting another big check later this week, and as soon as that is deposited I'll feel secure enough to go out and buy a laptop (any recommendations?).
And ironically I have typed that and now I must relinquish this computer over to my sister for homework purposes.
Have a good day. I'll be back some day.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Let the Laziness Begin

Tomorrow morning marks my first real day of feeling unemployed. I have been so busy so far that I haven't really had a do-nothing day since I left work. But as of right now I have no plans at all for tomorrow. I do have some plans for the week that are a bit hazy- like sewing, bike riding and working out. And netflix. Where would I be without Netflix?? I'm also catching up on my 100 books to read this year list. I had fallen behind badly, but I plan to make up for lost time this week. However, I have decided to read all of Ayn Rand's novels, starting with "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead." I just heard that Angelina Jolie has signed up to star in "Atlas Shrugged" next year. Where did I hear that? At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week at the Atlas Society table. Conservative activists and Angelina Jolie... not exactly words you hear in the same sentence. But I'm intrigued now, so I am knocking 10 books off the 100 list, and only reading 90 this year. Have you seen the size of "Atlas Shrugged?" It alone qualifies for the space of 10 books.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

If it's not nailed down it just might show up in the toilet tomorrow morning

In the past week I have lost 2 very important pieces of paper that I KNOW I put in secure locations. And then I strangely found my wallet in my jewelry box. And then today I was cleaning my room and found a coat under the bed that I have never knowingly placed under there. I also woke up to find a calendar in the bed with me that generally lives on a dresser not within my sleeping reach. And don't ask me where I found the smoke detector today.
All signs indicate I'm sleepwalking again.
Batton down the hatches, boys! I'm on the loose!

Some Single Thoughts

Some thoughts on being single.
I can't speak for everyone, and really, I can only barely speak for myself. As talkative and wordy as I am, I'm only so capable of explaining myself. But to me one of the difficult parts of being single is that you don't have someone to love. Some people mistakenly believe that the hard part is not having someone to love you. But for me it is the opposite. Being single means you lack having someone you can be happy for, support, love and care about. You have family and you can love them, but the older you get, the less a part of their lives you become. It is human nature to want to love another person. Being single means missing being needed. Again, it is human nature to want to be needed. And it is a very lonely feeling to not be needed. And even lonelier when you have so much love to give, and no one to give it to.

Friday, March 02, 2007

2 words for you

Dating Embargo

It's just better that way.

Crazy Crazy

It has been one long crazy week. But first, I will explain the previously locked blog. As some of you may have noticed the blog was locked for about 36 hours. I wasn't excluding anyone. It was just a precautionary measure. I had just had a job interview that flat out told me they would be Googling me. I felt it was better for them not to read my blog ramblings quite so soon. So I locked it, and now we are back to normal.
Or at least close to normal. Did I mention it was a crazy week? I had 6 job interviews! While it is always great to have so many interviews, it is a bit overwhelming to take on that many all at once. While on one hand you want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression, there is something about that many job interviews that can make you feel very insecure. You are under so much scrutiny that it becomes daunting and (if you are me) overwhelming. In the end, all of the interviews went really well. The first 4 interviews were first time interviews, the second two were callbacks, and I have another callback on Monday. I've turned down one job (interview and callback), and been turned down by one job. I wasn't too surprised I was turned down by that job because I wasn't very well-qualified for it. But I really did hit if off with the director, who then liked me enough that he put in a personal call to another company and referred me to them. (It's always nice to be liked, even if they can't hire you.)
Besides all of the craziness with job hunting and interviewing I have been volunteering for the Mitt Romney for President Campaign at the CPAC conference for 2 days. I love and miss being involved with politics. Gov. Romney had by far the strongest and most supportive volunteer showing at the conference. (Shelly must be given the credit there. She did an amazing job recruiting people.) And if you haven't ever had the chance to hear him speak, take my word for it, he's dynamic and incredible. Some politicians can only speak in exclamation marks. Romney actually educates you while he speaks. You feel edified and enlightened after he speaks, and not just all riled up. I really admire Gov. Romney! And I hope I get more opportunities to volunteer for the campaign.
So there you have it- the craziness of this week. There's more than just that going on, but this is all I have time to share right now. Maybe there will be more tomorrow. We shall see.

Working Girl

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