Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adventurous Girl Seeks Job With Exciting Travel and New Challenges

There's nothing quite like interviewing for a job when you have a hoarse voice, sore throat and massive head cold. But in spite of my fever and cold sweats during today's big interview, I think it went well. Well, it was going well right up until the craziest question ever asked in an interview. We had covered all the usual stuff, "What's your best strength?" "What's your biggest weakness?" blah blah blah. And then the curve ball. "How are your photography skills? And could you handle taking pictures in Afghanistan?" Um... And no, it wasn't rhetorical.
If I get the job (which really hangs on my answer to that question I think), I'll explain that one later.
There's still several more irons in the fire. Haven't decided which one I want to pull out and brand myself with yet. Mostly just hoping that the book royalty check and my other big check shows up soon. Once they arrive I can buy my new laptop and finish writing my novel. I have a theory that I won't really be happy at this whole job hunt thing until I have finished it. Not sure why. It's just a thing in my head.

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