Sunday, March 11, 2007

All Hail the Beautiful Saturday!

Today was just beautiful and it was beautifully spent! First I saved $47 on groceries using the magic of double coupons. Next I got to spend time with my cousin Tami, Tami's husband John (and devoted blog reader), their kids Zachary, Joey and Emma, and my cousin Colette, plus what may have been 30 of Zachary's closest pre-school friends. However, it is possible there was only 10 kids and it just felt like legions of them. I learned more about dinosaurs in just twenty minutes with Z in the backyard than I ever knew before. Truly amazing! I'm still also amazed that there were that many kids there and not one girl was named Caitlyn or some silly derivative of it. In spite of the lack of Caitlyns we had a lot of fun and Z cleaned up on the birthday loot. (and I got to hold 5 week old Emma and 18 mos old J and really, what is better than baby holding love?)
Next week holds at least 2 follow up job interviews. I'm pretty excited about one of the jobs and I'm hoping the follow up interview will get me excited about the second one. The week also holds the chance to go see my oldest (read: we've known each other since birth) friend and catch up with her. I'm pretty excited for my week!

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