Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Americans Idle Again

**Update** Wow, I called it right 2 weeks in a row. Chris Curly is gone. I was surprised Phil and Haley were in the bottom three with him though. I think Phil lacks a devoted fan base, in spite of his talent. I think he'll go home prematurely, or always reside in the bottom 3 as a result. **

Okay, it's that time of the week again.
Was it just me or did Gwen Stefani look beautiful? But also totally stiff and snobby on camera? Did you notice her massive shoes? I love her style.

LaKisha- 3 stars
For me it was her most entertaining performance, which isn't saying much. She reminds me of Nell Carter-- in a bad way. She needs to learn how to flirt with the camera and audience. She has amazing talent, but she just doesn't do it for me still.

Chris Curly- 1 star
It was interesting. But no groove. I couldn't dig it. So sad. I think this may be his demise.

Gina- 4 stars
I just loved it. I really think she has a chance at the finale. She rocks! My roommate and I did wonder though if our TV isn't doing the show justice. We could see that the band behind her was rocking out. And she looked like she was rocking out. And the judges and audience loved it too. But we weren't feeling the "rock out" in our sunroom. So I'm giving her some credit for thinking the sound was off on the telecast last night, but rocking in the theater.

Sanjaya- no stars
Um, yeah. NO! The hair? What the freak was up with that hair?? Ugh, please, get him off the show!!

Haley- 3 stars
She sang beautifully. But she did take a beautiful song and changed it to something pretty. She sang a previously beautiful song made into something pretty and sang it beautiful. Slightly odd. But dang, she's beautiful.

Phil- 3 stars
Was it just me or are his eyebrows totally overgroomed? But you know what? Even when he's singing flat, he's doing it with style!

Melinda- 2.9 stars
Okay, she sang a Donna Summers song and then wore her clothes too! Ugh! She's got a great voice but she sounds and looks like a 50 yr old lounge singer!

Blake the Beat Box- 4 stars
I got this odd 80's flashback from him tonight. I can't quite figure it out. Wham? Vanilla Ice? Simply Red? I'm not sure who it is yet. But who cares? He was dang sexy!

Jordin- 4.5 stars
So freaking hot!! Shake that booty!

Chris- no stars
ick. ick, ick, ick.

We'll see how I compare with America tomorrow night.


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Most of us know you are not very smart. If guys don't contact you again, it means they don't want you or are not interested in you. Get it? You never figured out why but i am telling you, they don't want you. that's it...accept it and move on to the next one.
    You never understand why you never have/had a boy friend and never get a good job. you need to work on your social skills: be nice to people and change your attitude. quit bossing around, you have a lot of issues with a lot of people for years. Your personality sucks.

  2. Nice, anonymous coward. Very nice. Didn't your mother ever tell you if you can't say anything nice to keep your yap shut? It's always a good policy not to write anything you're too chicken to say to a person's face.

    Erin is the most loyal friend and most generous soul I've ever met. So keep your uninformed, mean-spirited opinion to yourself.


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