Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American's Idle

***edit update*** I totally called it. Maybe I had LaKisha ranked lowest, but that's just my personal preference. My other 2 lowest ranked were Chris R and Stephanie, and America agreed! Bye Stephanie! I shall not miss your warbled tunes.***

Time for more American Idle
All opinions herein are solely mine. Don't even try and claim them as your own.

Haley- The girl rocked!!! Dang!! She seriously kicked butt!! (And now I can't get "Tell him that you're always gonna need him" our of my head!) And hello, she looked so hot!
4 stars!

Chris R- He should sing lullabyes because he puts me to sleep. But on the Paula Brightside of things, he was finally in tune. Did anyone else notice the size of his gigantic feet?
2 stars

Stephanie- "You don't have to say you love me," and don't worry, I won't. Does she have to sing like some mixed breed of Toni Braxton and Beyonce every time? I used to love that song (You don't have to say you love me), but now it may be ruined for me for life. And (sorry if this offends), who knew black girls didn't have perfect pitch?
2 stars

Blake the Human Beat Box- I shall borrow a phrase or two from Randy Jackson. "Brilliant." I was worried when I heard him say he was going take "Time of the Season" contemporary, but I guarantee you he rocked that so well that we're going to hear that one on the Idol CD later this year. He kicked butt.
4 stars

LaKisha- She sounded like LaKisha. And was it me or did it sound a little disco? I didn't agree with Simon. I think she looked better than usual. And does anyone know if that was a Bond movie song? (Diamonds are forever?) Didn't do it for me. She may be the one who goes this week.
1 star

Phil- you know what? He's just fun. He wasn't perfect, but he was just fun. And he (unlike LaKisha) knows how to perform and entertain.
3 stars

Jordin- She was good and sounded pretty. But she wasn't crazy good. She may be the one who goes too. But really, for her age, she's just amazing.
3 stars

Sanjaya- It pains me to say this. It really really does. But dang it. He rocked tonight! I didn't hate him and he did make that poor little girl cry (so funny!) And I hate that I have to say that he was dang good tonight. Dang it.
3.5 stars

Gina- I didn't like her new hair. But I did like "Paint it Black!" She rocks and she can perform! I love her!
4 stars

Curly Chris- he was good, but he wasn't riveting. In fact, I did listen to him, but I was so bored I forgot to look up from the laptop to pay attention.
2.9 stars

Melinda- she sounded like Melinda. Big voice, good pitch. Was it just me or did she look and sound like a very talented 40 yr old woman?
3.5 stars

And there you have it folks, my version of American Idle.


  1. Jules1:48 PM

    Diamonds are Forever is indeed a Bond song.

  2. stacer2:31 PM

    Hey, I don't have your direct email so I thought I'd leave this here for you. I just saw this under a job listing someone sent out to a local mailing list. Have no idea if it's what you're looking for, but I saw "event coordinator" and thought of you. Not sure what's up with the nonsense characters, but hoped you'd be able to get enough out of it for

    >#2. Event Coordinator – end of the fiscal year with potential of continuation

    Customer-focused events coordinator to work with team in the coordination of training and customer events at Microsoft.

    Responsibilities include:
    >Logistical coordination of training events and other events including:
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    >Team support with marketing of events to partners- including email communications and posting to various newsletters and web portals
    >Onsite support including attendee welcoming, registration and events resources management
    >Post event management including evaluations and reporting
    >1-2 years work related experience with events planning and coordination required.
    >Must have the ability to think strategically.
    >Excellent communication, multitasking, planning and organizational skills
    >Self Starter
    >Ability to drive groups toward desired outcomes and project deadlines with minimum supervision
    >Ability to work independently and or in a team environment
    >Experience with Microsoft Office (specifically Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and sharepoint a plus
    > Contact:
    >Trudy Daly / v-trudyd AT microsoft DOT com/ 650 283 4069


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