Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And the beat goes on

I know I already posted a "Wordless Wednesday" picture for today, but since my computer time is limited at best these days, I figure I should fire off another post while I have the chance.
There's a dozen things going on at once and nothing happening at the same time these days. Still interviewing at places. Still not quite sure about what I want or where I want to do it. But I'm feeling comfortable and not too nervous about the future at this point. Financially I'm safe for at least another month (if I can stop shopping so much).
All my free time is working to the advantage of others. I find myself spending my days doing favors for other people. And I have to admit, I wish my life could always be like this. It's fun to just spend each day going to help your friends and family. This week I have helped my mom with some house stuff, worked with my sister on an English project, and later in the week I'll be helping an uncle with some legal stuff, and "helping" my little cousin at his birthday party.
In fun news, I was asked to be the Ward Girls Camp Director this year. I'm excited for it. In the past I have always been a last minute leader for the age groups at camp. I'm looking forward to having a closer relationship with the girls in my own ward this year and getting to plan things out so far in advance. However shall I corrupt their young minds this year??
The only frustration I really have with unemployment is not having decent access to a computer. My mind is finally clear of stress and craziness that I can be creative and do some writing. I'd love to be finishing up the novel I've been working on all year. But without convenient access to a computer I am stuck hand-writing it. And let's just say that sucks royally. I'm expecting another big check later this week, and as soon as that is deposited I'll feel secure enough to go out and buy a laptop (any recommendations?).
And ironically I have typed that and now I must relinquish this computer over to my sister for homework purposes.
Have a good day. I'll be back some day.


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Good deal at office depot. See link.

  2. Thanks Anonymous. I'll check that out. Hopefully I'll be able to buy something at a good price without having to get Windows Vista yet.

  3. If you need a computer...I could give you the key to my house, and you could use my desktop during the day.


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