Friday, March 02, 2007

Crazy Crazy

It has been one long crazy week. But first, I will explain the previously locked blog. As some of you may have noticed the blog was locked for about 36 hours. I wasn't excluding anyone. It was just a precautionary measure. I had just had a job interview that flat out told me they would be Googling me. I felt it was better for them not to read my blog ramblings quite so soon. So I locked it, and now we are back to normal.
Or at least close to normal. Did I mention it was a crazy week? I had 6 job interviews! While it is always great to have so many interviews, it is a bit overwhelming to take on that many all at once. While on one hand you want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression, there is something about that many job interviews that can make you feel very insecure. You are under so much scrutiny that it becomes daunting and (if you are me) overwhelming. In the end, all of the interviews went really well. The first 4 interviews were first time interviews, the second two were callbacks, and I have another callback on Monday. I've turned down one job (interview and callback), and been turned down by one job. I wasn't too surprised I was turned down by that job because I wasn't very well-qualified for it. But I really did hit if off with the director, who then liked me enough that he put in a personal call to another company and referred me to them. (It's always nice to be liked, even if they can't hire you.)
Besides all of the craziness with job hunting and interviewing I have been volunteering for the Mitt Romney for President Campaign at the CPAC conference for 2 days. I love and miss being involved with politics. Gov. Romney had by far the strongest and most supportive volunteer showing at the conference. (Shelly must be given the credit there. She did an amazing job recruiting people.) And if you haven't ever had the chance to hear him speak, take my word for it, he's dynamic and incredible. Some politicians can only speak in exclamation marks. Romney actually educates you while he speaks. You feel edified and enlightened after he speaks, and not just all riled up. I really admire Gov. Romney! And I hope I get more opportunities to volunteer for the campaign.
So there you have it- the craziness of this week. There's more than just that going on, but this is all I have time to share right now. Maybe there will be more tomorrow. We shall see.

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