Thursday, March 15, 2007

Erin's American Idle

This season of American Idol is promising to be the worst one yet. Considering my usual love for the show, I've decided to blog on it weekly. You don't like it? Don't read it.

So right now we are down to the top 11. I don't think Brandon deserved to be the first one booted off. That honor should have gone to Sanjaya. Because honestly, Sanjaya is the worst thing ever on that show. If he lasts much longer on the show I think we will see him progress fully from a slightly metrosexual male to a full blown homely woman. But then again, he may make a better woman than a man. He sounds like a girl, he looks like a girl, and then he freaking added those earrings, and I swear to you, he's just a few estrogen shots away from breasts.

The other people boring our ears this season are (with my personal rating system, out of 5 stars):
Gina- 3 stars
Haley- 2 stars
Blake- 2 stars
Jordin- 2.5 stars (the .5 is earned for being so young and being as good as the others)
Lakisha- 3 stars (yes, she's good, but she bores me. would you really pay money to hear her sing? no. you'd only stop in the hotel lounge bar if the mics were up loud enough.)
chris curly- 3 stars
chris virginia- 1.5 stars
melinda- 2.9 stars (same story as lakisha. she's good, but boring. and i doubt she'll be able to do any other genres.)
stephanie- 2.9 stars (see melinda)
phil- 3.1 stars --

phil and gina are the only people that right now i can see emerging as superstars and great performers. chris curly has potential in a band (ala daughtry), but i think his lack of versatility will get him axed too early on to be a winner. and don't get me wrong, but the 3 african american girls are all good, but i truly hope they don't win. think the fantasia season. i can't stand the thought of a full season of the 3 of them having a belt fest. chris curly, gina and phil will be what makes this show entertaining.

and please america, for the love of all that is good and holy, KILL OFF SANJAYA!!!

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