Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Thoughts

My happy thoughts to start off the week (there was way too much negativity on my part this weekend).

1. HOUSE marathon.
2. Arrested Development marathon (have i ever mentioned how much i love maeby? and it is no surprise that she's also been in an episode of the other best show ever, veronica mars.)
3. Job interview on Monday.
4. If the out-of-town company makes me a job offer, I know what my answer will be.
5. I've made major progress on my novel. I just need to get it typed (it's handwritten right now). Does anyone know any good scanning software that will take handwriting and change it to typeset? Also, what about voice recognition/dictation software?


  1. I don't know about handwriting recognition--I doubt that kind of thing would be any kind of affordably priced--but I do know that Cecil Castellucci recently broke her wrist and someone recommended a dictation program for her. Try searching her livejournal for that in the last few months--

  2. for dictation software I've been told that Dragon Naturally Speaking is the best of the somewhat affordable options. (Unfortunately there isn't a mac version, but if you are using a pc that isn't a big deal.)

    There's a review in the Washington Post that says Dragon does really well for entering text, but isn't as good at editing. Sounds like it might work well for getting the novel typed, and then you could edit it with the keyboard once it's all written down.


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