Sunday, March 04, 2007

Let the Laziness Begin

Tomorrow morning marks my first real day of feeling unemployed. I have been so busy so far that I haven't really had a do-nothing day since I left work. But as of right now I have no plans at all for tomorrow. I do have some plans for the week that are a bit hazy- like sewing, bike riding and working out. And netflix. Where would I be without Netflix?? I'm also catching up on my 100 books to read this year list. I had fallen behind badly, but I plan to make up for lost time this week. However, I have decided to read all of Ayn Rand's novels, starting with "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead." I just heard that Angelina Jolie has signed up to star in "Atlas Shrugged" next year. Where did I hear that? At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week at the Atlas Society table. Conservative activists and Angelina Jolie... not exactly words you hear in the same sentence. But I'm intrigued now, so I am knocking 10 books off the 100 list, and only reading 90 this year. Have you seen the size of "Atlas Shrugged?" It alone qualifies for the space of 10 books.


  1. The Fountainhead was memorable to say the least. A lot of pretty profound thought. I don't necessarily agree with everything Ayn Rand says, but I appreciate her philosophy.

    Atlas Shrugged is on my shortlist. I still don't agree with having a number goal for books, but to each their own. What's more important than debating number goals on reading is the act of reading itself. Go books!

  2. oooh. i love everything ayn rand. like sherpa, i don't always agree with her, but i find her work fascinating.

    i can't decide which is my favorite...



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