Friday, March 23, 2007

The Update

Time for the weekly job update.
I've had 2.5 interviews (human resources phone call plus 2 in person interviews) with a big company locally. I'm well qualified for the position (with the crazy exception of that photography in Afghanistant question). And now I'm just in limbo with them. They have other people to interview and I am just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. The good news is that they send out an automated email every week letting me know I'm either not being picked for a position I've applied for, or that I'm still under consideration. I got the email a few hours ago, and I'm still a contender.
I had another big interview this week with an out-of-town company. It would require a major move and they said they would make it worth my while, if we get to that point. The interviewer said that he would call me back in 1-2 days to set up the next phone interview with someone else, and if that goes well they'd fly me out to meet them. It has officially been 2 days and no phone call. But I also made him promise me he would call or email me with a rejection. So hopefully he was just busy and hasn't had time for set it up yet. That job would pay nearly double my salary, plus relocation and temp housing. And quite frankly, I couldn't be better qualified for it if they had custom tailored the job to my skills. I have the industry experience and professional experience they want. Going to work for them would be a big scary personal move, but professionally it would be a major step up. At first I wasn't completely sure I wanted to do it. But now after a few days and the chance to look up housing there, I'm coming around on it. And just like in other certain aspects of my life, now that I have decided this is what I want, the phone isn't ringing. Funny how job hunting is so much like dating!
Those are the only 2 major irons in the fire. I have another interview with another recruiter on Monday, which usually means another interview within a few days of that. So there goes any chance of getting a temp agency job next week. Every day I think that I will get a temp job so I don't go totally broke. But then every day there's another interview or some major project to do for someone. Sooner or later... yeah, right. How about just a good old fashioned job offer instead?

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