Thursday, April 26, 2007

All things subject to change

Okay, so right now the big plan is... completely subject to change.

Today- hunt for a place to live
Friday- fly back to DC?
Saturday- yard sale in Fredneck to rid myself of several belongings
Sunday- a much needed day of rest
Monday- pack what belongings I still have
Tuesday- sell the rest on Craigslist
Wednesday- drive back to UT?
(ooh sidenote to Miss Hass. Yes, I'll be going straight on through Indianapolis. I'll most likely be sleeping there for the night. but as you can see, all things are subject to change. the day and time i get there are negotiable. but i'm definitely sleeping in Indy for a night with some friends.)
Thursday- drive
Friday- drive, arrive UT
Saturday- move into the place I find to live
Sunday- another much needed day of rest
Monday- begin the new job

Or maybe I will...
Stay here all next week and start the job on Monday. Fly back to DC next weekend, pack, move, drive cross country then? I don't know. This is the plan I am leaning towards, but it means asking a lot of my sister to drive me from Murray to Orem every day. Ugh. Why must this be so difficult!?!

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