Monday, April 30, 2007

the final countdown

I've finished all of my temp work (where I was learning Arabic). I had to put in 8 hours on it today to get it completed. I'm looking forward to another night of dreaming about toilets welcoming me in Arabic. (you'd have to speak arabic to fully appreciate that joke. but even then, only poorly speak arabic) I finished the project right about midnight, so I didn't get any packing done today. But I did get all of my furniture sold. Exercise bike, couch, table and chairs. Yeah!
Monday will be all about the packing. I've taken inventory and I don't think it will be too bad. I'm throwing out a ton of clothes. So if anyone has a need for size 8 womens dresses, please feel free to come and take them from me. The hard part tomorrow will just be staying on task and getting the job done.
Tuesday is going to be errands day. Just run all around and tie up some loose ends. Including probably having to go to the Arlington County offices and explain to them for the gazillionth time that I don't live in Arlington, and therefore will not be paying taxes to them. They seem to have a hard time accepting this. I liked Arlington, I really did. But I don't live there, so I am not going to give them my money! I'm broke enough as it is!
Wednesday I will be in Fredneck with my family for the day, and then I am leaving very late Wednesday night and driving straight on thru. I never thought I'd say this, but it all depends on whether or not a judge is sending my brother to jail on Wednesday. Need more details? Sorry. But the moral of that story is don't drive on a suspended license and pay your traffic tickets.
If I leave on time Wednesday I get into Utah around lunchtime on Friday. (I think.) Then I will rest for the weekend, do more apartment hunting, and start my new job on Tuesday.
Crazy crazy I tell you!


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  2. I have been a horrible friend lately, sorry I haven't been in touch. Congrats on the job and the move. From what I understand, you're all set to go, but if you need anything let me know. If I don't see you before you go, I'll look you up next time I'm in Utah. Good luck!!


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