Friday, April 20, 2007

finally friday

happy thoughts for the upcoming weekend and week

1. i can sleep in this weekend (no more 6 am seminary rides)
2. i have more dates than job interviews in utah next week
3. i have a second job interview with my dream job before i leave for utah
4. i am excited about 4 of the 6 interviews i have next week
5. i've lost 6 lbs this week. i'll probably put 3 of it back on with one good meal though.
6. i'm almost halfway done with my temp job
7. i can now say "the little boy is six years old" and "the mother drinks milk" in arabic. i'm ready for that trip to iraq now.
8. i get to see my nephews in just 4 days
9. i'm going hiking next week (in real mountains)

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