Saturday, April 28, 2007

for the next 5 minutes i will be...

I'm home. Or at least sort of home. I'm at my parents' house so I can sell off the stuff I have in storage here at a yard sale tomorrow. I'm opting for the no moving truck method of moving cross country. In other words, selling off most of my stuff and taking what fits in my car.
I got home around 10:30 pm, and I have hit the ground running. I have to leave to get my stuff from the storage unit at 5:30 am. So why am I up at 1 am??
The next few days are going to be crazy. I've got a ton to pull off in a very short period of time. Pack, clean, sell, say goodbye, etc. Not to mention scramble to figure out a few other details. I don't have an address yet in Utah, so I don't know where to forward my mail. Chances are slim to none I'll find someone to take my place in VA, so I've got to figure out how to pay rent in two places at once. (I'm getting paid more, but not that much more!) I still have to finish my Arabic program. And try and get some sleep before driving solo cross country and starting a new job. To say I am overwhelmed would be the understatement of the century.
I do have to mention how cute my nephews were this week. I got to attend soccer games for both Dallin and Tell. Tell (first grader) is all about being on a team. He's all about team spirit and the after-party. He's not all that concerned about aggressively kicking the ball. But he does a good job of congratulating each of his teammates. Dallin is the reverse. Watching Big D play soccer is a lot like watching a tornado spin across a soccer field aiming at little boys and intentionally knocking them down. Dallin spends about as much time on the ground as he does running in a game. He really likes tackling other players. Or at the very least, when all the 5 yr old boys get into a little scrum and kick the ball mercilessly, somehow he finds a way to get tripped and knocked over- and takes everyone within his reach down with him. I counted at least 15 different times Dallin was on the ground, waiting for another child to be picked up off of him. Porter (still just 2 years old) has finally decided he likes me. He's also given me a name, "Aunt Owie." He's trying to say Erin, but it comes out closer to "Airie," but with his little guy speech impediment it sounds like "owie." And he likes to say it as often as possible. He couldn't walk past me, near me, etc without saying "Hi Owie!" It was very cute. He still has a fixation with my cell phone, particularly the pictures of him on my phone. He brings it to me constantly begging for, "Bebe! Po-po!" (He calls himself Baby Popo.) This means he wants his picture taken so he can see it. We play this game about 10 times a day at least. But Aunt Owie loves that her nephew has finally accepted her and is willing to play it 100 times a day if it makes him happy.

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  1. We have soccer games like that too. Z seems more like Tell than Dallin in terms of his soccer style. Good luck with the move!


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