Monday, April 30, 2007

good car-ma

Three good things, if not at least 3, have happened so far today.

#1- My mother came up and helped me pack my car. (now there's the stress of "what if someone comes and steals all my stuff from my car tonight?")

#2- I had to buy or rent a rooftop cargo carrier for my car to hold the rest of my junk. I used craigslist and found one in Manassas for sale. Drove out to the boondocks to get it, met some very lovely people who helped me install it, and then they didn't even accept my money! I got a very nice and very new carrier for free!!!! And it is big enough to hold all my clothes and then some. YEAH!

#3- I have a place to live in Utah! Mapleton. Crazy. A good friend is renting me her house while she's in Europe for several months. (And for the curious, there are 2 singles ward and 15 regular wards in the tiny town of Mapleton.)

Still have to find someone to take the lease here, and wait for a judge to determine my brother's fate. But other than that, all is going very very well!!

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  1. Your Anderson cousins have an aunt/uncle/cousins in Mapleton.


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