Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hooha Thursday

1. 3 job interviews this week. Don't know if company #1 will make an offer, but it doesn't matter as I sent them an email saying no thanks in advance. Company #2 is pretty darn near my dream job and that interview went really well considering I have laryngitis. Company #3 happens later today.

2. I have a 2 week temp job that I can do from home and it pays absurdly well.

3. My "Idol" sixth sense is fairly attuned.

4. I am still sticking to my big decision.

things going not so good
1. I'm wondering if this eternal head cold/allergies/laryngitis/etc has turned into mono.
2. COBRA health care would cost me $800/mo. So if it is mono, I won't be finding out for a while.
3. Gina got sent home from Idol.
4. Not to make light of this, but there's some very sad things going on in my personal life and family right now. While I'm grateful for the chance to be of help to others during this time, it is also very hard to have so much time to think about the sadness.
5. I'm still sticking to my big decision.

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  1. there's a nasty virus going around here... cold symptoms plus major fatigue!

    Thought I had it and it turned out to be a sinus infection.

    hopefully yours is just a sinus infection.


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