Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Idling Idols

So it was Tony Bennett on Idol this week. Loved the songs, but not necessarily the performances!

Blake- 3 stars
He's so pretty.

Phil- 3 stars
He showed some sex appeal finally, but sadly, not in the music. But he still has an amazing voice. Just needs to improve his polish and performance.

Melinda- 4 stars
I hate hate hate that dress she wore. Again, she sounded incredible, but doesn't make me want to buy a CD with her on it. Put her in a musical on Broadway and she'll kick butt. But she won't make Simon any richer this time next year.

Chris- 4 stars
My favorite performance by him so far. He's a performer and he's fun, and cute to watch on stage. But... I think I have figured it out finally. It's the timbre of his voice. It's just not that great.

Jordin- 5 stars
My favorite of the night. Girlfriend was hot tonight! Of all the songs tonight she was the only one that I could see myself buying or even downloading some day.

Gina- 3 stars
She really is cool. But she didn't rock out tonight, and it worries me that she might get sent home for just not winning people over. If I were the kind of girl that voted, I would call and vote for her just to keep her around next week.

Sanjaya- 3 stars
It pains me to say that he sounded good. He just looked stupid as usual. Remember my prediction that eventually he would finish his transformation into a woman? This week just took him one step closer to that.

Haley- 2 stars
She looked like the Little Mermaid, but didn't quite sound like her. If she didn't look so freaking hot (Simon and Ryan are both so crushing on her), I think she would be going home for sure. But I'm relying on teenage boy and old bored men hormones to keep her in the game.

You know what? She always sounds the same. I have nothing to say about her. Nothing ever changes. Especially her facial expressions. So boring.

And it must be said that Paula's jacket needs to be burned!! It was hideous!

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