Monday, April 16, 2007

It was in the bag, but now it's not

So here's the update for the job search this week...

Monday- phone interview (already done, blah)
Tuesday- in person interview. Not toooooo excited about it, but willing to give it a shot because I like the people, just not the position.
Nothing currently scheduled for the rest of the week.
Ooh, but the dream job from about 11 days ago could get back to me starting mid-week.

Next week-
I was attempting to keep it in the bag, but I see that the cat is out and running loose. (maybe cause i told all my cousins...) But the rumors are true, and yes, I have interviews in Utah next week. 4 in fact.
Monday- fly to Utah
Tuesday- 2 interviews (i won't reveal which companies until after. but 1 might make a few of you former and/or current utahns laugh)
Wednesday-1 interview
And I'm playing phone tag with 1 other company, and have it on good authority that another one will be calling me in. So 4 interviews in Utah... Crazy.

I haven't finished setting up interviews out there, so I haven't purchased my return ticket yet. But I will be coming home. My roommates' plants need me.

Yes, I do know that if I were to move to Utah I have a lot of crow to eat. I've been stocking up on Tabasco sauce just in case. Tabasco makes everything better.

I'm not saying I'm moving there for sure. There's just a reasonable potential possibility at this point. I'm not moving anywhere without the perfect job first. So let's not get ahead of ourselves.

So Utah friends, who wants to take me out and convince me to live in their town first??

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