Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A few weeks ago I saw something come across one of the many listserves I am on regarding a temp work-from-home project involving language translation. Just for fun I responded to the email and just happened to get the job. So this week I am trying to cram 80 hours worth of work into a 7 day period before I leave for Utah. On the bright side this isn't too hard because both of my roommates have abandoned me here all alone and there's nothing to interrupt me. On the downside, there's no one here to interrupt me and I'm bored out of my mind. 12 hours in front of the computer with no one to come home and amuse me is not so fun.
But the language program is fairly interesting. There were 10 languages to pick from, but you had to go with one you had no or little exposure to. Knowing that I tend to pick up romance languages fairly fast, I chose Arabic (with Russian as my alternate). Which in hindsight was pretty dumb of me. Arabic isn't just learning a language, but also a whole new alphabet. Learning languages has always been really easy and fun for me until this misery hit. But it is interesting to test out their software in spite of my despise. But I have to admit, 12 hours a day pretty much sucks. Especially when my computer keeps crashing (again, beta software testing going on here), and it takes 20-30 minutes to re-boot and get back to where I was. It is VERY easy to get distracted and not want to get back on task when that happens.
The up side to all of this is that they are paying me, and I'm not paying them, to learn Arabic. Money is good.

Speaking of which, I did have a job interview scheduled for today, but I canceled it. It seemed like such a waste of time that I figured the smart thing to do was cancel. Just as I was starting to second guess myself for canceling the phone rang. Another interview in Utah! Yeah! And for a job that sounds really interesting and challenging, so I'm pretty excited. So we're up to 4.5 interviews and 2.5 dates next week. ;-) Now I just have to endure this week so i can get to the fun of next week!!

Good thing this couch is comfy.

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