Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Day

One part of me wants to acknowledge what is happening at Virginia Tech. But for now, I just can't do it. As my dad put it yesterday, "there's been enough death for one week for me." At this point I'm just grateful that almost surprisingly I know no one directly affected by the tragedy. We were concerned at first with that many deaths, at a school so close to home, that we (especially my brother and sister) might know someone. I'm just glad that so far, we don't.

Personally, I'm in a place where I need happier and funnier thoughts. I know others need to mourn right now, but I can't do it anymore. I just need happiness. Too much death for one week of a girl's life.

And so I bring you the insanity of my day.

Like most of Northern Virginia last night we lost power for several hours. (6 hours if anyone cares). So I was all alone in the dark and searching for the candles. Thankfully, I knew exactly where to go to find the matches in the kitchen. Unfortunately in the complete pitch dark I didn't exactly see the microwave door was open. (which can only be blamed on me) And boom! Forehead right into the sharp edge of the microwave door. Nice little goose egg on my forehead. Very nice. Black, blue, swollen with a little cut in the middle of it. So sexy.

So this evening I gave into my overwhelming need for happiness, ice cream and a trip out of the house. About half a mile down the road I became aware of a strange squeaky bird-like sound coming from the back of my car. I went faster and then slower. And the strange sound got louder and quieter. Very strange. So I pulled over to investigate. First, I found a bird in the muffler. Yeah. In the muffler. But he flew out when I kicked the muffler. (I really didn't know what else to do.) I started the car, thinking this would cure the problem, but no. It started again. I pulled back over. I looked at the back tire. And, oh my gosh, there's a bird IN my tire/wheel, whatever you call it. Stuck. In. My. Tire. Kicking didn't help it this time. I poked. Nothing happened. The bird squeaked. I tried to go to a service station. But first I had to stop to get the ice cream. (It was on the way.) Bird gone. Don't know where it went. Maybe the kicking helped. I don't know. But it's gone as is the squeaky noise.



  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    No American Idol commentary? Erin, I lost your number and your e-mail bounces back. Please e-mail or call! Love, G.

  2. Our power hasn't gone out the past couple of days.


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