Sunday, April 22, 2007

procrastination station

tonight i am discovering just how far i will go to procrastinate packing for a trip. i won't bore you with the details, but let's just say if it could be measured in miles i'd be 3 states over by now.

on top of the procrastination (or maybe what is fueling it), are my nerves. i'm getting nervous about my trip. i'm about to do something rather expensive. when you have a job and something to fall back on, expensive is just risky. when you don't have a job or a safe place to fall, expensive is just downright a reckless gamble. so i'm scared and nervous. not to mention just plain old sick and tired of interviewing for jobs. but at least this week they are all direct with the employer interviews, and not with recruiters.

on the other hand, i am excited to go out there and give this new adventure a shot. of the 4 interviews i have (i've decided to cancel one), 2 of them really are opportunities worth moving out there for. but the big interview on monday morning is worth staying here for.

with so many options it is getting harder and harder to really know what i want. i find myself avoiding responding to emails or even phone calls cause i just don't know what to tell people. my plans change from day to day so fast, or are just so incomplete, that i just don't want to tell someone "yeah, so i'm doing XYZ," just for a new opportunity to come along 5 minutes later. so if you are one of the many people i'm half-ignoring these days, please understand i just want to wait until i know for sure what is happening before i say anything.

as a side thought, may i also just express how impossible it is to pack for a trip that is so vague? obviously i have all my business clothes for the interviews. but i don't really know how long i am staying there, so i don't really know what else to bring. and on top of that, it is utah in the spring. i think more than half of my blog readers are from utah, so i don't have to explain too much what that means. but for the other 1/3 of you that are not from or in utah, let's just say that means that your average day can easily have a 30-40 degree temperature change. especially if you are in the shadow of a mountain. (oh those happy memories of bundling up for my morning classes at byu- scarf, hat, coat, etc. just to come out of class at noon and find the rest of the student body in shorts (knee length of course) and sandals (birks with socks of course)). It looks like next week will only have 20-30 degree temp changes, but that does mean I can pack everything from my sandals to boots. but should i? this is the big question. on top of not knowing how long i am staying there, i don't know what i'll be doing in my free time still. hike? hot springs? (please say yes to both!) shopping? watching little nephew soccer games? (big yes) dying on the couch with a mystery illness again? (oh please say no!)

oh, and this time i'm going prepared. in case of bizarre emergencies, planes running out of fuel, or my luggage going awol (i'm flying jet blue on the red-eye, so all of these are possibilities), i have decided to travel in my sweats and pack an actual carry-on overnight bag. which, it may surprise you to know, i have never done before.

ooh, i just checked again. 75 and sunny on saturday. and nothing is more beautiful than a sunny warm day in the spring in utah mountains! YEAH!!!!

ok, procrastination over. must return to the packing.

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