Wednesday, April 18, 2007

quicky american idol recap

Yeah! Sanjaya is gone!!!!
And apparently I've still got the touch. LaKisha, Sanjaya and Blake in the bottom 3. My theory as to why it was Blake and not Chris is that because of Simon's extra mean comments regarding Chris he got a lot of extra sympathy votes, pushing Blake down.
It was a little sad to see LaKisha next to Sanjaya. She really is a phenomenal singer and does not deserve to be lumped with him like that. She just had a bad flat week.
Yeah! No more Sanjaya!

Okay, for those of you who actually read these recaps, here is my very fast and short Idol recap:
It was country week with Martina McBride (I LUV her) as the mentor. She is someone who really really does have incredible singing abilities (so much more than say J.Lo?).
Phil- for Phil he rocked. For me, his best job to date. Will it keep him in? Maybe. I think he just lacks a serious devotee fan base, and as a result he may end up in the bottom 3.
Jordin- by and far the best performance of the night, and by and far her best performance ever. She sang "Broken Wing," made famous by Martina McBride, and that took big time guts. And she hit it out of the park. As good as Martina's version! And she gave me goosebumps!! Does anyone else laugh every time they see her standing next to Ryan Seacrest? She dwarfs him! It cracks me up!
I'm going from memory, so this may not be in performance order.
Melinda- Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this. She was great. And she did the most countrified performance of the night, which it pains me to say.
LaKisha- This may be the week she lands in the bottom 3. Plain and simple, she sucked. She was flat and she didn't even look like she wanted to be singing the song.
Chris- Hmm... what to say? I say he's headed to the bottom 3 as well. He was breathy, nasally, strange and just not that good.
Sanjaya- He deserves to be shot for what he did to that song. A song I used to like, but may never listen to again. He looked like an idiot and made a mockery of a talent show. Will he be in the bottom 3? Unlikely, but he was by far the worst performance.
Blake- my problem with Blake is that every week I wait to fall in love with him and then I never do. I keep waiting for him to woo me, to just turn into this incredible sex symbol, and yet, it never happens. He sang "When the Stars Go Blue," a song that usually causes me to swoon. I LOVE that song. But he did his Blake thing to it, which wasn't so bad, but he didn't make it better. And I didn't fall in love with him- again. But I want to. I want him to amaze me!!

So my bottom 3 are- Sanjaya, LaKisha and Chris. Who do I think we will see there? Chris, Phil and LaKisha.

And had I put up a recap last week (I just wasn't in the mood), I would have called Haley and Phil as the ones to leave, and sure enough, Haley did. But I'm sure we'll see her back in a L'eggs commercial, or maybe a Venus razor or Candies shoe commercial soon enough.

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