Friday, April 13, 2007

Screw Red Bull, Trader Joe Gives You Wings!

Thinking I was going to be making some very long road trips this weekend I bought some energy drinks at Trader Joe's yesterday. I had looked at their labels and read the ingredients, which mentioned Green Tea extract, Guarana extract and other things. But no definitive caffeine ingredient, although Green Tea and Guarana do contain caffeine. It sounded good so I picked up a few. Last night all of the plans for road trips changed, and I decided to just buy plane tickets instead. So this morning while puttering around the house I decided to try out a drink for breakfast.
Holy crap!
30 minutes later I'm jittery and bouncing off the walls!!! I reconsulted the can to see what on earth could do this to me in such a short time period. It's low calories, low-carb, and no sugar. Oh, but then there's those little words on the FRONT of the can, not anywhere near the ingredients that say, "75 mg of caffeine per serving." There's 2 servings per can!!
And then I read this on wikipedia, and realized that my theories on "no definitive caffeine" were a bit stupid. This stuff is pretty much caffeine in its freaking purest form!

To give you an idea of what I've just ingested--

1 Diet Coke- 34 mg
Mountain Dew- 54.5 mg
Red Bull- 80 mg
Jolt- 150 mg

And since I just finished off this whole can, I just had the equivalent of 1 can of Jolt for breakfast on an empty stomach.
I think I will go run a marathon or something now.

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  1. good tip. I think I'm going to take for the first leg of peru dos. We're getting in lima at 11:00 pm on Thursday and have a 5:00 am flight to cusco the next morning. We only have 2.5 days to do Macchu pichu and cusco and the elevation is 10,000 feet. These drinks may come in handy.


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