Thursday, April 26, 2007

speaking of the new job

Speaking of which, I guess it's time to tell you what I know about the job. I will be the Marketing and Communications Specialist for a small medical device start up in Orem, UT. The job is perfect for me. The product the company makes and sells is great and one of a kind and selling very well. From my end of things this is wonderful. I will be doing the public relations and telling people about the product. I'm looking forward to selling a product that is making big waves in its industry. The company is growing rapidly and there's just tons of work to be done. It's a very team oriented spirit there. It is Orem, so you can guess that the office is fairly heavily Mormon dominated. It will be an interesting change for me, but one I'm looking forward to adjusting to. I made a Diet Coke joke in my interview and suddenly found myself nervous that it was the wrong thing to say. (they laughed and no one looked horrified) And when they called to offer me the position the lady said, "Well, I know you'll want the night to think about it. So go home and ponder and pray about it and let us know tomorrow." I nearly ran off the road I laughed so hard.

(For the non-LDS readers, "ponder and pray" is a very LDS/Mormon thing to say.) (Also, for the non-LDS, Orem is next to/mashed up with Provo, which is the home of BYU. I think Provo and Orem are about 90% LDS. So it's fairly safe in those areas to assume everyone around you is also Mormon.)

Back to the job. I'll be doing a lot of PR, trade shows, marketing, writing, etc. Basically, doing a little of a lot of things. Or is a lot of a lot? I have a feeling it's going to be a lot. I can expect very long hours, some travel and very exciting work.

Okay, random other questions.
I'm leaning towards Draper or Pleasant Grove as my new place to live. This area (particularly those 2 towns) has changed completely since I lived here 10 years ago. Does anyone have any opinions or insights on good places to live if I am working in Orem? I'd like to be able to walk to restaurants and things to do. (Which I know is next to impossible in UT.) I'd live in SLC at Gateway if I could, but the 40 mile each way commute and rising gas prices just aren't working for me. I'm willing to pay top end of Utah rental prices (because they are still lower than DC prices). So I'm looking for a 1 bedroom luxury apartment. Must have a washer/dryer in it, high speed internet and covered parking. (DC people who think apartment covered parking is a pipe dream, it is very normal here.) Nearby shops and restaurants would be great. I don't care too much about highway access, as my job is off State and Center in Orem. (talk about the center of orem) So I could live in say, PG, and just take State all the way down.
Am I the only one who still associates PG with "Pregnant Grove," or the "PG home for unwed mothers?"


  1. justin12:47 PM

    One thing you might want to consider is there is a fairly decent 18-40 singles ward, the Oak Hills 8th, that covers Provo and Orem. So if you would like to be in that ward, you might want to find something in Orem. PG has an area with some newer apartment complexes but it's still mostly a married with kids area.

    If you would like roommates, there is a cluster of townhouse complexes in south Provo (around 1320 S) that caters to post college age singles. The wards there are BYU wards but most of the members are not students and they don't strictly enforce age restrictions.

    There are a lot of new apartment buildings in Orem by UVSC west of I-15 that you might want to check out. I'm not sure if they are dominated by UVSC students or not but they look nice.

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Sorry to see you leave, we will miss you. I guess no more Duck Beach for you? Well, we will have to visit you when we visit to go skiing in Utah. Good luck!

    Ed and Alicia


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