Tuesday, May 29, 2007

answering the homeless question

I apologize to those who feared I was still homeless. No worries! I am being well taken care of!

My sister (and husband and 3 kids) all packed up and moved to Vegas on Sunday. It was one very long and crazy weekend getting that all taken care of. I’m not going to mention how much I will miss my nephews or how cute they were when they said goodbye, cause then I’d just start crying, and I don’t have time for that right now! (But I will mention that Dallin asked a couple of times if he can call me and ask me to come play at his house whenever he wants.)

Natalie got out the door and on her way Sunday afternoon, and I went off to my temporary abode in South Provo. My good guy friend Cary came to my rescue late last week and found me a place to stay. Cary and I go WAY back. He and I have been friends since our very first day of college 14 years ago. Knowing I’d have him as my first friend here was one of the comforting parts of making the big leap to move here. Anyway, I mentioned my problem to him last week and how I suck at asking for help, and he came through for me. He hooked me up with a friend with an empty room and I’m staying at her place for a few days. (I am sure there will be plenty of more Cary sightings in the blog in the future.)

So I have a place to crash and I can move into my place in a few more days- yeah! I got to have an unexpectedly fun Memorial Day. My hostess just happened to be planning a big picnic up off the Alpine Loop, and invited me along. I got to meet several people and make a few friends. Everyone was really nice and very fun. The food and scenery was also incredible! It felt good to be out with the people that I know will be my friends soon. Good as in I got to get out and have a social experience and good as in comforting to know there is a life to be had here.

Just a few more days of this transitory chaos and I’ll be in my own home. I can’t wait!

answering the homeless question

To quickly and briefly answer my state of homelessness qustion

Friday, May 25, 2007

my day at work

On the list of ways my job now is different than before- there's this cat. I spent the day in a vet clinic. Cool, huh?

breaking my little heart!

Last night amidst all the packing and cleaning of Natalie's house, I picked up my little Dallin and gave him a big hug and said, "I'm going to miss you so much when you go to Las Vegas!"
He screwed up his little face in confusion (as only Dallin can do) and said, "But you're coming with us?!" (which comes out closer to "but yer coming wif us?" in his Foghorn Leghorn accent)
"Nope, I'm not going with you. I'm moving into my own house where Adam lives."
"No! I want you to live with me!"
"Nope, I have to live in my house. But I'll miss you so much!"
Very upset, looking like tears are imminent, "But who will tell me Pete and Alouicious stories?!"

He got extra story and snuggle time last night!

And then...

Every morning Porter (the king of all seat and food stealing, after all your seat is always more comfortable and the food you are eating is superior to what is in his bowl, right?) comes down and steals my breakfast, which is always a bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes we share, sometimes I eat it all before he gets there, and sometimes he just downright steals it. Today I was still upstairs in the bathroom when I heard a little voice calling me, "Owie! No me!" (or at least that is what it sounds like) I went down to the kitchen to investigate. He's standing in front of the microwave pointing at it, "Owie! No me!" Which after some charades I figured out was "Erin! Oatmeal!" He was actually waiting for me to share our morning bowl of oatmeal. In honor of his cuteness, he got his very own bowl today (which, of course, had to be the bowl I ate out of first). It's the last morning we get to share our morning oatmeal together.

I'm gonna miss those little guys!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

men suck and i do have my reasons

last night a guy actually attempted to have a "what are we talk" with me. i do NOT do what are we talks. especially when we are nothing.
i woke up convinced today would be a better day and then...
by lunch time i had been lied to by a guy. because he was too much of an idiot to just be direct and honest with me.
by 3 pm i had made a man blush several shades of red.
by 5 pm i had very likely been seriously mislead by a guy. he's getting some benefit of the doubt, at least until i get a real explanation, but really, the damage is done and i'm heart broken over it. more than i had expected to be.
before dinner i took porter out for a car ride and vented my frustrations to him. he waited a second and said, "love you?" and then he insisted on giving me a kiss when i dropped him off (and took his brother out for a car ride).
at dinner time the brother picked up my shirt, poked his finger into my belly and declared, "you make baby in there?"
I was pretty much ready to just give up and have a girls night all my own with the TiVo and some pizza...
But then...
our stinking TiVo cut out 2 minutes before Idol was over.
And then...
somehow (aka a little boy did it) the TiVO got unplugged and didn't record the last 30 minutes of LOST.

I'm not happy.
This pretty much qualifies as a really really crappy no good very bad day with few highlights.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Natalie Goes to Ikea

I'll save my thoughts about Utah going absolutely crazy over a freaking Ikea opening for later. (hello- traffic closures, round the clock news coverage??)

But until then, does anyone else recognize the girl in this picture??

It's not yet confirmed, but I do believe that would be my sister. I'm not sure who she is with, but whoever it is is holding Porter. (Natalie isn't answering the phone, so I can't get this confirmed.)

there won't be no sleep tonight, no sleep tonight

If you don't recognize the lyrics in the blog title for tonight, then you aren't listening to a great band called "The Faders." I highly recommend them.

But on to my point.

Something has been eating at me for a while now, and I realize I won't be sleeping tonight until I get it off my chest.

The thing? My lfie is not as happily and gloriously perfect as possibly some readers of the blog have come to interpret.

But before I go on, let me make it clear, I am choosing happiness right now, and therefore, I am happy.

But let it be known, I'm nearly at my wit's end. The last few months have not exactly been a walk in the park. I haven't had a real paycheck since February. Nothing says stress like financial stress, now does it? Not to mention the whole pick up and move across the country in a move you never in a million years would have seen coming. Or leaving your home town and only one person (my cousin, and thank you Tami, you rock) bothering to see me and say goodbye. (Don't let the screen door hit ya on your way out, right?) And then the whole bumming off my sister while sleeping on a pull out sofa, defending all my material possessions from the wrath of a rather hyper 2 yr old. Spending as much time as possible with my nephews that I rarely get to see. And oh yes, learning an entirely new industry at work. For the record, dental and veterinary radiology- NOTHING like law enforcement and firearms. And the laptop I just bought? Broken. And let's not forget the part where my sister moves on Sunday to Las Vegas. Not only will I be homeless for a few days next week, but I'll also be very alone and without any family nearby for good after that. And then of course, there's the whole moving into my new home and getting settled thing.

If you think that you have any idea how I'm doing or what's going on in my life because you read my blog, you are wrong. You are only reading the portions I'm willing to publicly share.

But I still want to go on record as saying, I'm happy. I'm not just choosing to be happy. I knew very clearly several weeks before I got the job offer out here that moving to Utah was the right move. And if you really do know me, you know that there is nothing in this world I could have wanted less than a move to Utah. Afghanistan was on my list of places to move, but Utah was not. And yet, I'm here. And I'm choosing to take the next steps. And I'm choosing to be happy.

But if for some reason you think I am living some simple and easy life right now, and you are offended that I have not taken more time to notice you, I apologize. But well, quite frankly, right now I hardly have time for anything. To quote one of the classics, "it's not you, it's me." If you know me at all, you know that I wish my life were in a little bit more order so that I could be there for others more, and could be worrying about my own situation less.

But until then, I've got rent to pay in 2 places next month, (which is ironic, seeing as I am homeless next week), I've got a car and a computer to fix, a new job to master, a house to get in order, and a new life to get started. I'm a bit swamped.

last idol review!

It's my last Idol review for at least 7 months I guess. What can I say? Blake rocked and I think it was the best he ever did. But like the judges said, that final song (the "idol" song that will be on the radio within the next few days) just wasn't for him. Jordin turned in her best performance ever as well. And she was incredible on the Idol song. Who will win? I have no idea. But I predict the closest Idol competition ever on this one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

repeat viewer

I can't begin to tell you how many times I can watch the above video, and listen to the below song. I think I've listened to the below song about 100 times in the last week. I *heart* Michael Buble. Consider this my apology for the New Kids On the Block video.

seriously, i have the worst crush ever on this man and this song!! nothing makes me happier!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

in spite of the lack of grass and trees, utah also has pollen

Utah may be seriously lacking in the greenery department, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have serious pollen. Today when I got to church, there was quite literally an inch of pollen built up on the steps. I should have taken a picture!

I didn't have to see the piles of pollen though. I knew it was going to be sky high pollen counts when I woke up this morning and my head felt like a bowling ball. 9 hours with a massive headache!! Finally I sent my sister to get me my favorite cold and allergy medicine to make it all better. I took it, it started to kick in, and BOOM! Porter head butted me. I have a lovely swollen eye right now and some hints of purple around my right temple.

(The adventures of the single aunt attempting to live peacefully with her nephews may never truly end!)

Oh, and a fun sidenote (speaking of church today). I think I'm probably not the only person who does this. I've been looking and hoping for the link to back home. Someone with my connection to something I know. I have to admit I found mine a little bit easier than I expected. I'm in the same ward as Walter. It was fun getting to hear him speak in church today. (and W- in case you are reading this, sorry i didn't stick around to say hi! and when are we gonna do some hiking??)

Officially the worst thing about the 90's

when bands became cartoons. and we hadn't yet discovered we don't like certain saddams. (make it about 5 minutes in to figure out what i mean)

2 weeks down and life to go

I'm 2 weeks into my new Utah life, and things are feeling good. I'm getting into the groove at work, feeling more familiar with my surroundings and, well, adjusting. It's all good so far.
One of my favorite parts about living at Natalie's house has been attending my nephews' soccer games. Yesterday we pulled a divide and conquer. Nats went to Tell's 9:45 game and I went to Dallin's 10 am game on the other side of town. It really cracks me up to watch Dallin play soccer. It's a full contact sport! Dallin scored a goal and kicked general butt as usual. Tell played his last game and had his team party. He was awarded a medal and a certificate for MVP. He hasn't taken off his medal yet!! So cute! He is giving a talk today in church and I have a feeling he'll be wearing it proudly there too. I'm sure he'll even find a way to conveniently mention it as well.
If my camera phone ever decides to cooperate I'll put up pictures of the cuteness. But it's not cooperating!
Which is also why I can't put up the pictures from my rocking Friday night. You'll just have to trust me that I had a blast and go read the account on Karen/Shabang's blog. We went to the midnight drag races at the Rocky Mountain Raceway. To quote Shabang, it was ghetto redneckishly fabulous, and then some. It was also my first foray out into socializing and making friends in Utah. Yeah me!
It also turns out that I'm allergic to everything here as well. I woke up this morning with massive allergies. I feel another Sunday in bed praying for mercy coming on. I have nearly no voice and sinus issues, or in other words, things advil doesn't cure.
Time to go. Porter is screaming something about Owie's bed. This does not bode well for my day of praying for mercy in bed.

Friday, May 18, 2007

office with a view

As seen from my desk. If you look closely you can see my car in the parking lot, and the glare from the overhead light in the picture. I can stare out my window for hours on end I've discovered. For those unfamiliar with Provo-Orem, that is Mt Timpanogos (Timp) with barely any snow on it for the summer and little Mount Baldy (all green and barely seen with the crappy cell phone camera). There's only a few weeks where Utah is this green. I'm glad I made it here in time to see it. Give it another month and it will be all brown and burned out, just to be followed by a few weeks of fall, and several (SEVERAL) months of snow.

funny (at least to me)

As I've said before, it will take me a little adjusting to get used to the commonly heard Mormon phrases at work. For instance, today in a staff meeting someone made a joke about using the company copier "to copy off 300 ward lists," and someone else pointed out that a color flyer was found for a single adult family home evening. It still makes me laugh to hear church words used so normally and publicly. I also liked hearing someone say, "what's that rule when you're a missionary? keep 3 feet away? it's like that with x-rays too." Cracked me up.
How long do you have to live in Utah before you get used to that stuff?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

things i learned today

When taking 3 little boys to the Party Store you can learn a lot about their personalities.
Porter went up and down every aisle and found every single ball and/or shiny object, and HAD to have it- NOW. He's also not afraid to dive right out of the basket/buggy thing head first. And doesn't cry on impact if he can still reach the Spiderman nerf ball.
Dallin managed to find every single gross or disgusting toy that is meant to squish, splurt or just be gross. And fell in love with it.
Tell can get excited about every single random object in a party store, even if it has absolutely no purpose at all. Including light up hula hoops.

Other things I learned-
3 little boys who haven't seen their dad in nearly 3 weeks will act out in new and inventive ways. Up to and including brushing their teeth with toilet bowl water.
When extracting a 2 yr old from a playground, always make sure the kicking feet end of the child is pointing away from you, or risk losing a kidney or two. If this child calls you "Owie," and is going to yell it loudly as you wrestle him home, learn to walk fast.
Single moms deserve awards for not killing their young.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Idol Wild

YEAH!!!! Melinda went home! I'm surprised I am wrong, but couldn't be happier!

Idol Chatter

Okay, so I'm a little late getting to see last night's Idol. But I just watched it in time to post my review before the East Coast gets the results.
Jordin- She rocked. I loved her. But I think she'll be going home tonight because, well, someone has to.
Blake- He was incredible on his Maroon 5 song. Definitely his vibe, and I can't wait to buy his CD some day.
Melinda was Melinda. Technically flawless, decent on stage, but still does nothing to excite me.
Who do I think wins overall? Blake.
Stop and think people! Do we want another Fantasia or Taylor Hicks to win? Two people who won but went on to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with their winning status? Melinda will go on to nothing. Blake will be a superstar in a short period of time. And Jordin is going to tear up Broadway in a big way!

I swear I wouldn't make a list, but this one is different, really.

Each day I am more and more aware of how very different my life is now from the life I knew just a few short months ago. And I'm not just talking about having a new job. Forgive me for something so incredibly shallow, but today I became acutely aware of my skin. While typing at work I started to become very aware of how dry my hands are. So I put on lotion. Within the hour I noticed I was ashy again. So I put on more lotion. I'm still ashy. The cycle repeats a dozen more times. Five minutes ago I put on some extra strength, feels like Vaseline, massive moisturizing cream on my hands, and then thought, "yuck, this will make it hard to type with my hands all greased up." But no, I walked the 3 feet from the bathroom to the desk and realize, that sure enough, I'm ashy already again.
Do you remember that really dumb lotion commercial from years ago where the girl writes the word "dry" on her dry skin? I just did that on my shins.
It's little things like this that are making me more and more aware of how different my new life is. There's a different climate, different surroundings, etc. And the latest change, I'm not showering solo anymore.
Today while in the shower the curtain suddenly got pulled back and my favorite 2 year old was standing there- stark naked and preparing to enter the tub. I told him that, no, I was using the shower and he wasn't invited. He very calmly looked me in the eye and said, "poop." And proceeded to climb in anyway. As soon as his little cheeks were rounding the top of the tub I could see that yes, in fact, he was covered in poop. He very masterfully switched the shower controls from shower to lower tub faucet and I lost my place in line for the shower.
Yes, my life is definitely very different now.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

1 week down, life to go!

Well, I've survived my first week, and I think I like it. I'm exhausted and still working on figuring out which end is up. I'm still staying at my sister's house and will be for 2 more weeks probably. The sofa bed is treating me well, but I do miss having my own closet. But getting greeted exuberantly by Porter every evening makes up for the lack of back support in the mattress.
I've posted a few pictures of the house I will move into sooner or later below. As you can see, I've gone a little country. Views of silos, emu's, llamas and horses. And just beyond the silo- Walmart. I'll be paying for the whole house what I was paying for 1 room back home.
My job really is great and is definitely worth moving out here for. I love the people and the work has been really interesting so far. It's a lot more writing than I had expected and I won't be doing trade shows after all. I will be attending them, but not planning them. My first one, ironically, is in Crystal City, VA in July. Go figure. The writing is interesting though. And I have to admit, their process is so much easier than what I just left. They bring it to me, tell me what they need, I write it, and then pass it off to the layout guy (who sits about 5 ft away facing me- we share an office). We talk it out, discuss what should be important, he lays it out, sends it to me, I do or don't make a suggestion, and we send it back to who asked for it. So far I've turned out 8 documents and only one came back to me asking for something to be changed. No more dealing with every person in the office having to put their mark or thumbprint on it, just because they want to. It's just soooo much easier and enjoyable than the last job!!
So I have to admit things are going well! I'm happy! And in desperate need of a nap!

Sidenote-- as I went to my phone today to take the pictures to send to the blog (see below), I noticed it said I had a new voicemail. Which is odd, seeing as the phone is always in my pocket (and out of Porter's reach) and hasn't rung since I arrived in town. I checked the messages and sure enough, 10 new voicemails are waiting for me. So to the 10 people I need to return calls to- sorry! I had no idea! And forgive me, I know I'm usually a good emailer, but I haven't had a chance to check it all week. 59 new emails after the lists and junk were weeded out. I have a lot of communicating to do tonight!!

my new house

my new view

i've gone country y'all

Back of the new house

happy birthday nana!

dallin and nana

Self portrait

rainbow for nana

Thursday, May 10, 2007

why would you ruin a perfectly good thing??

Have you heard about this? I keep seeing billboards for it and it's seriously bothering me. I do not approve!
Diet Coke Plus- they've added vitamins and minerals to my drink. It's no longer a guilty pleasure. And therefore, it may not be worth it to me anymore.

other news and details

There's so much going on right now that I feel like I can barely keep up with it in my head, let alone share interesting parts on the blog. So here's the bullet points on some of it.

  • Natalie sold her house this week (but hasn't yet found a house in Vegas to move to).
  • My cousin Matthew is getting married in SLC this weekend. I'm excited to see family members.
  • I'm on another self imposed dating embargo for 2 months roughly. I need to focus on the new job, the new house and my new life before getting confused and wrapped up in certain relationships again.
  • I'm *this* close to finishing writing my novel.
  • I have taken exhaustion to a whole new level!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

oh and the new job is good too

After having horrible dreams about snakes all night long and finally just waking up and staying up at 5 am, I had a good first day at work. It's crazy busy and very exciting. A lot of energy and motion going on. To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement.

Favorite quotes of the day-

"Did you know kinkajous can get root canals?"
"Do I care that this could be used for diagnosing warthog dental injuries?"

Idling on Idol

This week I watched Idol with my favorite snuggle partner, Porter (the 2 yr old). I think his actions throughout the show summed it up well.
First, it was Barry Gibbs/Bee Gees week, so all the music pretty much sucked.
Melinda was on first. Porter moved about the room unaware that someone was trying to get attention and only looked up for the last big note. He didn't applaud.
Blake- Porter climbed on the bed and watched with a smile on his face, and did eventually dance to the beat boxing. But he and I both agreed with Randy that not every song needs a beat box soundtrack to it.
LaKisha- surprisingly Porter sat and listened to the entire thing and clapped at the end. But he also applauded for Simon's criticisms, so it's hard to say what he was thinking.
And then my girl Jordin came on. Porter was on his feet and singing with her the whole time. And gave her a standing ovation. I felt the same way.
Melinda came back for round 2. Porter chose to dive off the bed rather than suffer through another loud black diva voice turning disco into gospel. I would have liked to have done the same myself.
Blake- Porter actually ran from the room. Like most people, I had no previous experience with that song, so I didn't hate hate it. But the beat boxing got old.
LaKisha was so freaking boring that Little P didn't even come back for it, and I fast forwarded it.
Jordin looked killer in her dress, and Porter pointed at her and said "pretty" a few times. The song was pretty too, but quite frankly, not her best.
Porter and I actually voted for the first time this season tonight. But I'm not saying for who.

My revised line up-
1. Jordin
2. Blake
3. Melinda
4. LaKisha
But really, I think it is a total toss up tonight.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

and it begins

the real reason i moved to utah begins in the morning. it feels like the night before the first day of school. i've laid out my clothes and prepared my lunch for tomorrow. (in my head i've just added, "all by myself," but i'm not sure why) and safely secured all preparations several feet out of porter's grasp. (the kid has incredible climbing abilities)
i'm nervous and excited and all that stuff obviously. more than anything i am just ready for life to get rolling here. i've been in limbo for so long and it's just killing me. i just want things to start happening!
life with the nephews has been fun and interesting. dallin is my snuggle partner and loves to climb in bed with me and ask for a story. so i've been making up "pete and alowicious" stories for him. pete is a little boy that looks just like dallin and has an invisible dragon named alowicious that is afraid to go inside houses. (because obviously if he sneezes he might burn the place down!)
we took the rooftop carrier off my car today and porter was not pleased. he spent several minutes standing in front of my car (and then on top of the carrier) yelling "put it up! up! back! car! mom! erin (owie)!" his new quest in life is to get inside "aunt owie's" car. it's just so full of fun and interesting things he just can't help himself.
tell, on the other hand, has dropped to least favored nephew status. how can i say such a cruel thing? easy. SNAKES. my sister/his mommy found a snake in the backyard and decided that tell deserved to have it. so he boxed it, etc. and then scared the living crap out of me with it. if you know me, you know i don't just hate snakes. I AM TERRIFIED OF THEM AND HATE THEM WITH A GLORIOUS PASSION!!!!!!! The part were i screamed and ran out of the house (because they had the gall to put the snake box in the freaking kitchen on the table where i eat!) only made it that more fun and interesting to have a snake.
just two nights ago i had this horrible awful dream about watching a family member get eaten alive by a gargantuous snake in our backyard because i was so scared i was paralyzed with fear and couldn't save them. I HATE SNAKES!!! and now there is one in a box on the premises. this is a freaking living nightmare!!!!
i did make them put the snake back in the box, put a bungee cord around it, and put it in the shed. and it is using up all of my willpower to not think about how that shed touches the wall of the room i sleep in. this is going to be the most nightmare filled worst night of my life. if i weren't so freaking terrified of it (i don't care that tell thinks it is a baby. babies have mommies. and mommies have more than one baby. so reminding me that this is a baby IS NOT HELPING!) i'd go sneak out there and put poison in its box. but that would require breaking my steadfast rule of keeping at least 10 feet away from all snakes and never EVER approaching one without a machete.
so you know, wish me luck at the new job tomorrow and pray that freaking snake DIES!! (and preferably a miserable death)

PS- when i was a little girl i used to have nightmares that the socks on the floor of my room were snakes. i still have that nightmare. i may not keep a clean bedroom all of the time, but there are NEVER socks on my floor for a reason.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

overwhelming and exhausting

To put it mildly, I'm overwhelmed and completely exhausted. I hope I can catch up on sleep a little bit before my job starts on Tuesday. I got to see the house I'll be living in yesterday. It's very cute and most definitely not in Mapleton. Not even close actually. It is most certainly in Springville. And as for the description "it is surrounded by farm land..." Well, sort of. Utah (especially Utah County) is not zoned as nicely as Virginia. So there's a big old horse farm on 2 sides of the duplex. A gigantic neighborhood stretching off the third way. And well, the view from the fourth side is of a strip mall and Wal-Mart.
I keep telling myself I won't make a list of ways Utah is different from Virginia. I have to accept this place as home and not focus on the differences. But well, this story is so deserving of mocking that I have to share it.
I ran into the W*Mart to pick up a few items. While some people (aka my sister) had described Springville as no longer redneck and more yuppie now, apparently the people who frequent this W*Mart didn't get that message. It was seriously redneck. In the cereal aisle there was a young (and by young I mean 17-19 yrs old) couple in rather wannabe punk attire. They did have the necessary number of piercings to look foreboding, and he had dark smudged eye liner on. Making them stand out even more was the very pink and feminine stroller they had that clashed with their baggy and studded clothing. There was a baby blanket hanging over the opening, so I couldn't see if the baby was also dressed in leather and ripped tees. They were bickering loudly about money and how many boxes of cereal to buy. The conversation proceeded like this-
Him: I don't get you, woman. What's wrong with you? It's good stuff.
Her: It smells gross. What's wrong with you? I don't get you either.
(I roll my eyes at the attempted insult.)
Him: You're so dumb. Why do you do that?
(I consider intervening and telling her she deserves a better life and hair care products.)
Her: I'm not doing anything. I just think we should get something more healthy and good for you.
He grumbles on as I attempt to manuever pass them to get to the oatmeal.
Him (to her, not me): Oatmeal? Oh that's so gross. You are so dumb.
Her: I am not.
Him: Then why are you pushing that stupid stroller around?
Her: Because I want to practice for when the baby comes. It's called good mommying.
(Sure enough, I turn to get a better look. She's most definitely pregnant.)
Him: You are so dumb woman. No one practices that.
Her: The doctor says I should start practicing!
Him: We're not getting oatmeal.
(I leave still contemplating telling this girl-woman about shelters that help women and children.)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

a sad sad day in stars hollow

Only 2 more weeks left for one of the best TV series ever. Gilmore Girls will not be back next season. Apparently the 2 stars could not be bought for an 8th season. I feel betrayed by Rory. I expected Lorelai to flake out some day, but Rory? She's the dependable loyal one!!

made it

exactly 34 hours of driving later, i made it!
it's always interesting to see that some of the pictures i sent from my phone didn't make it via mobile blogger. odd.
the trip was mostly uneventful. not one car or traffic problem. iowa was foggy and boring. nebraska was overcast and boring. and it snowed the entire way across wyoming. it is also my humble opinion that wyoming has the nastiest truck stops, but other than that, it was very pretty (what i could see through the snow white-out conditions). i had started the day in illinois in lovely warm sunny weather, so i was wearing flip flops and capri pants. you can only imagine the looks i got in laramie as i pumped gas standing in 2 inches of snow shivering my butt off.
but i'm in utah. time for the new life to start!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

help combat car boredom

Help me combat car boredom while I drive solo across the country!!

Anytime after 8 pm Wednesday until about 7 am Friday I am welcoming phone calls. 2 am potty break? Call me. 4 am baby feedings? Call me. 3 pm Diet Coke break? I'll be offended if you don't think of me!

Also, text messages are encouraged and warmly welcomed. Just nothing too funny or I might drive off the side of the road.

The itinerary (completely subject to change on a whim):
I'm taking the I-80 route

8 pm- leave Fredneck
7 am- wave at Indianapolis
3 pm- sleep through Des Moines
take a nap somewhere in there
1 am- snore in Cheyenne
7 am- arrive in Utah
To be honest, I expect I'll actually be running a good 6 hours later than this schedule implies once I stop and take naps along the way.

So if you need someone to take a picture of a big ball of yarn for you, or pick some corn in Nebraska, I'm your girl. I'm taking orders and suggestions now!

(if you need my phone number, find a really smart and clever way to leave me a comment on here so i can send you my number without it going totally public)

don't worry! i didn't forget you!

Time for our weekly Idol fix.

Where to start?? It was Bon Jovi night, and as anyone with half a brain that has ever spent a few passing hours in my presence knows, I LOVE BON JOVI. So to hear their various renditions of some of my all time favorite tunes was pretty much killing me. But on with it.

Phil-"Blaze of Glory" Up to this moment in time I have always liked Phil, but have not fallen in love with him. I am now officially in luv with Phil. (and I think it is so cute how he searches the crowd shamelessly to smile at his wife)

Jordin- "Livin on a Prayer" Girlfriend let me down! But I've figured out why she sucked so bad. She's too young! She knows punk, she knows grunge and she thinks she has witnessed metal in her short life span. But hair bands were before she was born (oh man, i did not just say that). And that is why she had no idea how to rock out this song tonight. I'm calling it for Jordin this week. She's going bye bye.

LaKisha- "This Ain't a Love Song"- for the first time (I think) I actually liked her. It may only be because I wasn't overly familiar with this song. And seeing her kiss Simon? Priceless!

Blake- "You Give Love a Bad Name" Now, before we go any further it must be said that, IMHO, this is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. And if not of all time, at least of my beloved sixth grade year. When he first took the stage and we saw he was going to beat box this song, my heart sunk. I hated him and hated what he did to one of my beloved hair band rock songs. This song is a classic! How dare you mess with perfection?? But you know what? He totally pulled it out. He was awesome. I now declare him my front runner for overall winner. I never ever want to hear him beat box Bon Jovi again, but he officially rocks at his own special style.

Chris- "Wanted Dead or Alive" Want to know how much he sucked? I didn't even finish listening. I got through about 1 minute and fast forwarded through the rest. Painful.

Melinda- "Have a Nice Day" I have to admit I was dreading hearing the matronly midget sing Bon Jovi. I think she could have done better. But her mini-Tina Turner channeling worked, and she didn't make me hate her this week.

I say Chris and Jordin are going. It's inevitable.

My finalists are:
1. Blake
2. Melinda
3. Phil
4. LaKisha
5/6 Chris and Jordin
But depending on next week's format (which I don't know yet) Phil and Lakisha could switch spots.

At the end of the show they had a clip of Pres and Mrs. Bush thanking the country for their donations during last week's special. Did anyone bust out laughing and get a flashback to that horrendous Hugh Grant/Mandy Moore movie, "American Dreamz?"

I shall now go to bed singing/headbanging my way to "SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU'RE TO BLAME! DARLIN, YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME!"
(and wishing that someone had done "It's My Life" or "Always" instead)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i just had a happy thought

veronica mars is back on tonight! YEAH!!!!

its finally hit me

It has finally hit me that I am leaving tomorrow. Somewhere after my lunch with cousin Tami today it just hit me. My whole family is moving to different places right now. Natalie to Vegas. Scott to the military. Steph graduates. And Mom and Dad have the house for sale and are moving somewhere sooner or later. It just hit, I probably won't ever come home to where I think of as home again.
I went for a drive through the area I consider to be "my home." And just let myself cry through the whole drive. I'm excited for my move, but I haven't had a chance to really stop and get scared about all the changes yet. Well, that's changed now. It's hit and I'm terrified.
To add insult to injury, when I got home I had to pack the roof carrier by myself. To give you a mental picture, remember I'm only 5'3" and the carrier is sitting on a 6 ft car. And the carrier doesn't stay propped up. And I have a bad shoulder I have trouble raising over my head. So I packed everything in really little bags that I can lift with one arm, and then hold the carrier open with the bad arm that goes numb after a few seconds, and then use momentum to swing the bag up and over and into the carrier. Not the safest or smartest way to do it. And I fell off my stool more than once. I would have called someone and asked for help, but I couldn't think of one person who would or could come over to help me with it. And I did the whole thing while crying. I probably scared the neighbors, but oh well.
Anyway, yes, there you have it. I'm packed. Now to clean. And just go. This time tomorrow I'll be gone!

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