Saturday, May 12, 2007

1 week down, life to go!

Well, I've survived my first week, and I think I like it. I'm exhausted and still working on figuring out which end is up. I'm still staying at my sister's house and will be for 2 more weeks probably. The sofa bed is treating me well, but I do miss having my own closet. But getting greeted exuberantly by Porter every evening makes up for the lack of back support in the mattress.
I've posted a few pictures of the house I will move into sooner or later below. As you can see, I've gone a little country. Views of silos, emu's, llamas and horses. And just beyond the silo- Walmart. I'll be paying for the whole house what I was paying for 1 room back home.
My job really is great and is definitely worth moving out here for. I love the people and the work has been really interesting so far. It's a lot more writing than I had expected and I won't be doing trade shows after all. I will be attending them, but not planning them. My first one, ironically, is in Crystal City, VA in July. Go figure. The writing is interesting though. And I have to admit, their process is so much easier than what I just left. They bring it to me, tell me what they need, I write it, and then pass it off to the layout guy (who sits about 5 ft away facing me- we share an office). We talk it out, discuss what should be important, he lays it out, sends it to me, I do or don't make a suggestion, and we send it back to who asked for it. So far I've turned out 8 documents and only one came back to me asking for something to be changed. No more dealing with every person in the office having to put their mark or thumbprint on it, just because they want to. It's just soooo much easier and enjoyable than the last job!!
So I have to admit things are going well! I'm happy! And in desperate need of a nap!

Sidenote-- as I went to my phone today to take the pictures to send to the blog (see below), I noticed it said I had a new voicemail. Which is odd, seeing as the phone is always in my pocket (and out of Porter's reach) and hasn't rung since I arrived in town. I checked the messages and sure enough, 10 new voicemails are waiting for me. So to the 10 people I need to return calls to- sorry! I had no idea! And forgive me, I know I'm usually a good emailer, but I haven't had a chance to check it all week. 59 new emails after the lists and junk were weeded out. I have a lot of communicating to do tonight!!

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  1. When in July? I'm actually going to UT in July, around the middle of the month.


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