Tuesday, May 08, 2007

and it begins

the real reason i moved to utah begins in the morning. it feels like the night before the first day of school. i've laid out my clothes and prepared my lunch for tomorrow. (in my head i've just added, "all by myself," but i'm not sure why) and safely secured all preparations several feet out of porter's grasp. (the kid has incredible climbing abilities)
i'm nervous and excited and all that stuff obviously. more than anything i am just ready for life to get rolling here. i've been in limbo for so long and it's just killing me. i just want things to start happening!
life with the nephews has been fun and interesting. dallin is my snuggle partner and loves to climb in bed with me and ask for a story. so i've been making up "pete and alowicious" stories for him. pete is a little boy that looks just like dallin and has an invisible dragon named alowicious that is afraid to go inside houses. (because obviously if he sneezes he might burn the place down!)
we took the rooftop carrier off my car today and porter was not pleased. he spent several minutes standing in front of my car (and then on top of the carrier) yelling "put it up! up! back! car! mom! erin (owie)!" his new quest in life is to get inside "aunt owie's" car. it's just so full of fun and interesting things he just can't help himself.
tell, on the other hand, has dropped to least favored nephew status. how can i say such a cruel thing? easy. SNAKES. my sister/his mommy found a snake in the backyard and decided that tell deserved to have it. so he boxed it, etc. and then scared the living crap out of me with it. if you know me, you know i don't just hate snakes. I AM TERRIFIED OF THEM AND HATE THEM WITH A GLORIOUS PASSION!!!!!!! The part were i screamed and ran out of the house (because they had the gall to put the snake box in the freaking kitchen on the table where i eat!) only made it that more fun and interesting to have a snake.
just two nights ago i had this horrible awful dream about watching a family member get eaten alive by a gargantuous snake in our backyard because i was so scared i was paralyzed with fear and couldn't save them. I HATE SNAKES!!! and now there is one in a box on the premises. this is a freaking living nightmare!!!!
i did make them put the snake back in the box, put a bungee cord around it, and put it in the shed. and it is using up all of my willpower to not think about how that shed touches the wall of the room i sleep in. this is going to be the most nightmare filled worst night of my life. if i weren't so freaking terrified of it (i don't care that tell thinks it is a baby. babies have mommies. and mommies have more than one baby. so reminding me that this is a baby IS NOT HELPING!) i'd go sneak out there and put poison in its box. but that would require breaking my steadfast rule of keeping at least 10 feet away from all snakes and never EVER approaching one without a machete.
so you know, wish me luck at the new job tomorrow and pray that freaking snake DIES!! (and preferably a miserable death)

PS- when i was a little girl i used to have nightmares that the socks on the floor of my room were snakes. i still have that nightmare. i may not keep a clean bedroom all of the time, but there are NEVER socks on my floor for a reason.

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